Bob Marley for Halloween?

What do we have here? Some Bob Marley from Halloween night 1973:


Bob Marley and The Wailers

10/31/1973 – Sausalito, CA

1. Rastaman Chant
2. Bend Down Low
3. Slave Driver
4. Can’t Blame The Youth
5. Stop That Train
6. Burnin’ and Lootin’
7. Kinky Reggae
8. Get Up Stand Up
9. Lively Up Yourself
10. Walk The Proud Land

Download the show here!

This show is classic early 70’s Bob Marley: A more mature sound than the early Wailers, but less produced and over-played than later Bob Marley. This show features deep cuts  like “You Can’t Blame the Youth”, “Walk the Proud Land”, and “Slave Driver”. The studio-quality sound taboot, this show is a must have. Enjoy!


  1. drumspace Said:

    This is a Must have show for music lovers in general. This show is often mislabeled as 12/2/73. It is a possibility that this show was re-broad casted on 12/2/73, hence the mislabel. The song ” walk the proud land” is also known as “rude boy”

  2. die Said:

    marley is the best RASTAMAIAN

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