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40 Years Ago Today

As if 20 years ago wasn’t far enough – let’s take the time machine even furthur back in time to 40 years ago today. On this day in the great year of 1969, we find ourselves freaking out with the good ole Grateful Dead in beautiful San Fransisco. This sweet sounding SBD recording finds the band at a crucial point in their career – finding their feet exploring various styles such as Jug, Blues, Americana, and of course Psychedelic. Check out this show, get your freak on, and enjoy this beautiful afternoon with the Dead.

The Dead in 69

The Dead in 69

The Grateful Dead
The Family Dog at the Great Highway
San Francisco, CA

Setlist: Casey Jones, Easy Wind, Me And My Uncle > High Time, New Orleans > Searchin > Good Lovin’ Jam > Good Lovin’, Dire Wolf > King Bee, Turn On Your Love Light

Stream the show here

Night of 1,000 Stars

Hey y’all. If you dig Phil and Friends – this show is a must listen. Summer tour 2001 was one of the hottest tours that ‘the Q’ (the long-lasting Phil Lesh quintet featuring Lesh, Molo, Haynes, Herring, and Baracco) ever did. The band could not be tighter – seamlessly bouncing between complex composed sections into jazzy explorations, psychedelic transitions, straight rock, and everything in between. The second set reads like a DeadHead fantasy setlist and includes a St. Stephen>Eyes>St. Stephen>Help>Eleven>Slip>Franklin’s Tower segment that is out of this world.

For all of you lucky enough to witness this magical evening, as Bobby would say: dig yourselves.

The Q w/ Bob Weir - Summer 2001

The Q w/ Bob Weir - Summer 2001

Phil Lesh and Friends ~ 7/21/01 ~ Hartford, CT

Set 1: Jam > Cosmic Charlie, Rainy Day Woman tease*> Truckin’*> Jam*> Cassidy*, Beautifully Broken> King Solomon’s Marbles> Stronger Than Dirt, Doin’ that Rag

Set 2: Caution Jam> Dear Mr. Fantasy, St. Stephen> Eyes> St. Stephen> Help> Slipknot!> The Eleven> Slipknot!> Franklin’s Tower

Encore: Built To Last

*with Bob Weir

Stream Link
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The Q

The Q

Biscuits for Thanksgiving Dinner and New Year’s Dessert

More rumors amuck today – this time in the Bisco camp. Word is the band is making a Thanksgiving weekend homecoming to the Electric Factory in Philly for Friday and Saturday performances on November 27th and 28th. Additionally, rumor has it that the band will return to the Nokia Theater in Times Square, New York City for a 5-NIGHT (!) New Years run.

Camp Bisco 8

Camp Bisco 8

Bisco just won’t let up in 2009 – playing more shows than recent years including an upcoming monster of a fall tour to promote their  long awaited new album – ‘Planet Anthem’ – that will likely in January of next year. Check out the first two tracks off the forthcoming album here.

Camp Bisco 09′

With summer coming to a close, let’s look back again at some of the great summer music festival action this year. Here, we have the Disco Biscuits 3-set show from the final day of Camp Bisco 8. Widely regarded as the best Bisco showing of the weekend, this show featured a 1st set billed as “Tractorbeam Vs. The Perfume”. The band alternates between their two alter egos throughout the set, showcasing their unique and various styles and really starting things off with a bang. The second two sets are straight dirty, thow-down, ragin’ dance party bisco, what Camp is all about.


The Disco Biscuits
Camp Bisco 8 ~ Indian Lookout Country Club
Mariaville, NY

Set 1
Rock Candy (2)
Frog Legs (1,4)
Run Like Hell (2)>
News From Nowhere(1,5) >
Run Like Hell (2)
Once The Fiddler Paid (1,6)
Sound One (1,7)

Set 2
Sister Judy’s Soul Shack
Caves Of The East >
Park Avenue >
Caterpillar (8) >
And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night (9) >
Save The Robots (10)

Set 3
Save The Robots (10) >
Hope (8,11) >
Pilin’ It Higher >
Sabre Dance
Basis For A Day
Meditation >
Hot Air Balloon (12)

The Very Moon >
Mr. Don

(1) Perfume version,
(2) Tractorbeam version
(3) Hip hop style, with Little Lai & Things Done Changed (Notorious B.I.G.) lyrics
(4) Devo style
(5) Techno style
(6) Bossa Nova style
(7) Honky Tonk style, with Dr. Sam Altman replacing Allen on drums
(8) Unfinished
(9) Inverted
(10) Dyslexic
(11) with KJ Sawka replacing Allen on drums
(12) Ending only, completes 7/17/09 version

Stream Link

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Phish Fall Tour and NYE 2009

The dates rumored here over two months ago are seeming more and more certain for Phish’s fall and NYE plans. Sources inside the Phish org are confirming the below dates, and also the possibility of an April 2010 European tour. Other uncorrobated rumors include a pre-Festival8 run including The Hollywood Bowl, a Conan appearance, and a stop in Denver at a location TBD. Additionaly, it looks as if the boys may make a mid-week stop in Worcester between their Albany and MSG dates in the fall. While nothing’s confirmed until it’s on the, I’d say go ahead – get excited, make travel plans, get ready for winter Phish, the tastiest kind!



Winter 2009
11/20/09 – US Bank Arena – Cincinnati, Ohio
11/21/09 – US Bank Arena – Cincinnati, Ohio
11/24/09 – Wachovia Center – Philadelphia, PA
11/25/09 – Wachovia Center – Philadelphia, PA
11/27/09 – Times Union Center – Albany, NY
11/28/09 – Times Union Center – Albany, NY
12/2/09 – Madison Square Garden – New York, NY
12/3/09 – Madison Square Garden – New York, NY
12/4/09 – Madison Square Garden – New York, NY
12/5/09 – John Paul Jones Arena – Charlottesville, VA

New Years Run 2009
12/28/09 – American Airlines Arena – Miami, FL
12/29/09 – American Airlines Arena – Miami, FL
12/30/09 – American Airlines Arena – Miami, FL
12/31/09 – American Airlines Arena – Miami, FL

20 Years Ago Today (Yesterday)

Check out this killer show from the Greek in 89′ – famous for one of the best versions of ‘The Other One’ and a smoking China > Rider. It’s all gravy after those cuts but the rest of the show holds up with inspired playing a nice varied setlist drawing on old tunes, newer ones, and choice covers. Enjoy!

The Dead at the Greek Theatre - 1990

The Dead at the Greek Theatre - 1990

The Grateful Dead, 8/19/89, The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA

Set 1: Let The Good Times Roll, Jack Straw, We Can Run But We Can’t Hide, Tennessee Jed, It’s All Over Now, Loser, Stuck Inside Of Mobile, Box Of Rain

Set 2: China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider, Playin’ In The Band-> Uncle John’s Band-> Playin’ In The Band Jam-> Drums-> Jam-> The Other One-> Wharf Rat-> Not Fade Away

Encore: Foolish Heart

Stream Link
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Mule Goes All In in AC

A few weeks ago, Gov’t Mule closed out their summer tour with a Saturday night show at the House of Blues in Atlantic City. Warren and co. really brought the house down with a lot of oldies, all the needed Mule staples, and everyone playing their heart out. Mule kicked things off with ‘Blind Man’ – no suprise here but it really set the tone for the show. From there on out, the whole show smokes, but some first set highlights include a rocking ‘Gameface’ with a nice little mountain jam tease and the always fun ‘Thirty Days in the Hole’.


The second set really takes off with the Mule > Drums segment that is a true display of the power this band has. Warren just dosen’t stop on the build up jam and  pushes the band further and further. Then, workhorse ‘machine gun’ Matt Abts goes to work in a monstrous drum solo. To finish things off, Warren lays it all on the line – shredding, working feedback, pulling out all the stops – on a sick run through ‘Lola Leave Your Light On’ off of Deja Vodoo. The band sent us out into the casinos and onto the boardwalk with a big thank you and a fitting ‘Soulshine’ – all in all, a great night for the Mule.

Gov’t Mule
House of Blues – Atlantic City, NJ

Mule - 8/08/09

Mule - 8/08/09

Set 1
Blind Man In The Dark
Perfect Shelter
Towering Fool
Fool’s Moon
Life Before Insanity
Thirty Days In The Hole
Thorazine Shuffle

Warren - 8/08/09

Warren - 8/08/09

Set 2
Stay With Me
No Need To Suffer
Trying Not To Fall
Left Coast Groovies
World Of Difference
Lola Leave Your Light On

Far Away

Download Link

Matt Abts on the drums! - 8/08/09

Matt Abts on the drums! - 8/08/09

Watch most of the show in YouTube vids, some highlights:

Phish: MPP and SPAC Tour Close-Out

And in the end, what a run it was. Phish Summer Tour 2009 was a true rollercoaster, gaining speed turn by turn and uncovering lots of surprises along the way. The final two shows were no exception and there’s nothing left to do now but smile, smile, smile (and wait for the Fall Tour Announcement hopefully coming soon). In the mean time, check out this breakdown of this summer’s song selection over on Jamtopia here and check out setlists, pics, and downloads from every show compliments of yours truly here.



Merriweather Post Pavillion
Columbia, MD

Set One:
Crowd Control
Kill Devil Falls
The Sloth*
Beauty Of A Broken Heart
Axilla I
Ha Ha Ha**
Party Time***
Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan
Strange Design
Time Turns Elastic

Set Two:
Tweezer >
Let Me Lie
46 Days
Oh! Sweet Nuthin’
Harry Hood

Good Times, Bad Times
Tweezer Reprise

* – Last played 7/31/03

** – Last played 7/15/03

*** – First time played, original off Party Time

Set 1 Download (mp3)
Set 2 Download (mp3)
Download Link (Torrent)



Saratoga Performing Arts Center
Saratoga Springs, NY

Set One:
The Moma Dance
Anything But Me
Cars Trucks Buses
Chalk Dust Torture
Golgi Apparatus
David Bowie
Run Like An Antelope

Set Two:
Backwards Down the Number Line >
Twenty Years Later
Halley’s Comet >
Rock & Roll
Harpua >
I Kissed A Girl* >
Hold Your Head Up >
You Enjoy Myself

I Been Around**
Highway To Hell

* – First time played, Kate Perry cover

** – First time played, original from Joy

Download Link – Set 1 (mp3)

Download Link – Set 2 (mp3)

Download Link – Torrent

Thank you PHISH, for a real good time!

Phish: Night 2 of 4 – Hartford

Phish ~^~ 8/14/09 ~^~ Hartford, CT

8/14/09 - AC/DC Bag

8/14/09 - AC/DC Bag

Set 1
Punch You in the Eye
Colonel Forbin’s Ascent >
Fly Famous Mockingbird
Birds Of A Feather
Lawn Boy
I Didn’t Know
Middle Of The Road
Character Zero

Set 2
Down With Disease >
Wilson >
Slave To The Traffic Light
Piper >
Water In The Sky
Ghost >
Psycho Killer >
Catapult >
Icculus >

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Download Link – Torrent


Phil’s New Band – ‘Furthur’

As rumoured here the other day, Phil has teamed up with Bobby, John K. from DSO, Jay Lane and Jeff Chimenti from Ratdog, and Joe Russo under the name ‘Furthur’ for a few shows in Oakland in mid-September.


More info here

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