Camp Bisco 09′

With summer coming to a close, let’s look back again at some of the great summer music festival action this year. Here, we have the Disco Biscuits 3-set show from the final day of Camp Bisco 8. Widely regarded as the best Bisco showing of the weekend, this show featured a 1st set billed as “Tractorbeam Vs. The Perfume”. The band alternates between their two alter egos throughout the set, showcasing their unique and various styles and really starting things off with a bang. The second two sets are straight dirty, thow-down, ragin’ dance party bisco, what Camp is all about.


The Disco Biscuits
Camp Bisco 8 ~ Indian Lookout Country Club
Mariaville, NY

Set 1
Rock Candy (2)
Frog Legs (1,4)
Run Like Hell (2)>
News From Nowhere(1,5) >
Run Like Hell (2)
Once The Fiddler Paid (1,6)
Sound One (1,7)

Set 2
Sister Judy’s Soul Shack
Caves Of The East >
Park Avenue >
Caterpillar (8) >
And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night (9) >
Save The Robots (10)

Set 3
Save The Robots (10) >
Hope (8,11) >
Pilin’ It Higher >
Sabre Dance
Basis For A Day
Meditation >
Hot Air Balloon (12)

The Very Moon >
Mr. Don

(1) Perfume version,
(2) Tractorbeam version
(3) Hip hop style, with Little Lai & Things Done Changed (Notorious B.I.G.) lyrics
(4) Devo style
(5) Techno style
(6) Bossa Nova style
(7) Honky Tonk style, with Dr. Sam Altman replacing Allen on drums
(8) Unfinished
(9) Inverted
(10) Dyslexic
(11) with KJ Sawka replacing Allen on drums
(12) Ending only, completes 7/17/09 version

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