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‘Free The Dead’, Roseland Ballroom, 3/30/09

The Dead played a series of free shows in New York City yesterday, culminating with a full band electric set at Roseland Balroom that raged from 11:20 PM to 1:00 AM in the morning. Enjoy the following setlist, review, and download of the show here on Welcome To Now blog!


Download the show here!

Uncle John’s Band
Eyes Of The World
St Stephen (w/ Eleven teases)>
Dark Star (w/ Eleven and Other One teases)>
Sugar Magnolia  (w/ Sunshine Daydream ending)

Not Fade Away

It was an odd scene at Roseland last night, what with the free tickets, last minute announcement, late show time, etc. It was hard to believe you were about to witness The Dead play a 3,000 person venue but at 11:20 the lights went down and the band filed out onto stage. After a few minutes of  ‘dead air’, the stealthy Althea progression emerged and Warren led the band through this soulful classic. Warren did this Jerry tune justice and a patient and restrained jam followed.


Bobby then took the reins for Cassidy and delivered a suprisingly strong performance. The band began to settle in and Phil and the drummers were locked up.  The boys kept the cheese factor going and broke into Uncle John’s Band next. By the time UJB rolled around, it was clear the band was both practiced and focused on keeping this a flub-free show. After Saturday night’s Allman Brothers debacle, they rightfully felt they had something to prove. While the band was executing consistently on point, it was at the cost of more adventurous and energetic jamming. At the same time, it’s clear Warren is still settling back into his role in the band – trying to find that balance of paying tribute to Jerry and playing his own southern-blues-rock style.

chimentiphil1As the UJB sing-along subsided, The Dead switched gears and launched in the spacey Eyes intro groove. What followed was the most exciting and experimental jamming of the night. Both Chimenti and Phil really shined in the 2nd half of the show and brought about some exciting jamming. After Eyes, the band continued into outer space with St.Stephen>Dark Star – a 35 minute sequence with moments of rocking jams and moments of Phil n’ Friends-esque ‘space’. This was by far the meatiest segment of the show and the band just continued to settle in and loosen up. As it got well past midnight, the band returned from the cosmos to bring it home with Sugar Magnolia, complete with the triumphant Bobby reprise Sunshine Daydream. While this was an energetic and fun rendition of Sugar Mag, the Eleven and Other One teases heard within the previous segment left something to be desired in song selection.

full_band2After a quick break, the band returned to close out the evening with Not Fade Away, complete with crowd clapping/sing along and some of the most energetic jamming of the night. The crowd was dancing and euphoric as The Dead brought things home on a high note. The band took a bow and Phil reminded the crowd that they’d ‘be back in a few weeks’. Stay posted for full coverage of the upcoming Dead Tour that kicks of April 12th in Greensboro, including full reviews of the MSG and Spectrum shows.

ABB 3/28/09: Peakin’ at the Beacon

For the first official concert review from Welcome To Now, enjoy the following play-by-play of last night’s Allman Brothers 20 night Beacon Theater run close out show with special Guests Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Floyd Miles, Chuck Leavell, and Paul Riddle.

Warren, Derek, and Oteil

Warren, Derek, and Oteil

First things first, the Setlist:
The Allman Brothers Band, The Beacon Theater, 3/28/09

Little Martha
Done Somebody Wrong
Trouble No More
Rocking Horse
Walk On Gilded Splinters
Who To Believe
Born Under a Bad Sign (w/ Floyd Miles)
Stormy Monday (w/ Floyd Miles and Chuck Leavell)
Come and Go Blues (w/ Chuck Leavell)
Jessica (w/ Chuck Leavell and Paul Riddle)

Sugaree (w/ Bob Weir and Phil Lesh)
I Know You Rider (w/ Bob Weir and Phil Lesh)
Franklin’s Tower (w/ Bob Weir, Phil Lesh and Chuck Leavell)
Black Hearted Woman >
Mountain Jam Tease >
Little Martha tease  >
Mountain Jam  (w/ Chuck Leavell)

Statesborro Blues

The boys got things started with the good ole’ classics Little Martha, Done Somebody Wrong, and Trouble No More. A great way to start the show, would have loved to hear Warren and Derek acoustic on Little Martha but still a nice invocation. Done Somebody Wrong and Trouble No More were solid and allowed Warren and Derek to get warmed up and trade off some solid riffs. The Rocking Horse that followed – a Warren Haynes composition with a full on driving Gov’t Mule feel – really got things rocking. I could have been at a mule show with Warren stealing the show but it hardly mattered and he straight tore things up.

Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse

The Brothers then settled things down a bit for Walk On Gilded Splinters, Who To Believe – both great tracks and very soulful delivery from Greg on Who To Believe. They closed out the set with Folyd Miles, Chuck Leavell, and Paul Riddle. Pure history right here and beaultiful all around playing.

The Born Under a Bad Sign/Stormy Monday/Come and Go Blues was a great blues throw down with Floyd singing Born Under a Bad Sign with amazing soul and Leavell adding a great key solo in Stormy Monday. The set closing Jessica got the 50 % of the crowd who seemed lifeless for most of the first set out of their seats and dancing as the Brothers really smoked this one to close out the set.

Born Under a Bad Sign w/ Floyd Miles

Born Under a Bad Sign w/ Floyd Miles

When the lights went down for Set II (at 11 PM after a 55 minute (!) set break), the stars aligned and Bob Weir emerged along with Phil Lesh (who replaced Oteil for the Dead segment of the show) to join Warren, Derek, Greg, Butch et al. for an All-Star The Dead meets Allman Brothers jam session. A lot of the crowd was there for this sit in (it was widely rumored including here on Welcome To Now), and the lights of Phil’s Bass out of the darkness evoked a roar from the crowd before the music started.

Phil has arrived w/ Lightsaber-esque bass

Phil has arrived w/ Lightsaber-esque bass

The opening Sugaree was a well received, energetic take on the Dead classic with Weir on vocals for a change. Weir pulled it off (somehow) and Derek was in top form. What followed was two simple Dead classics: I Know You Rider and Franklin’s Tower. While I could write an essay on the many flubs from Weir and the missed cues all around, let me say the following: Bob was unable to lead this 9 piece band and, without Warren at the helm, things got shakey and, at times, a real mess. Nonetheless, some moments of euphoric jamming mixed with great playing and singing from Phil saved this section and it was still a sight to be seen (and heard). Let’s just hope that Bobby can get things together in time for the upcoming The Dead tour.

Warren, Bobby, and Derek on Sugaree

Warren, Bobby, and Derek on Sugaree

Bobby to Warren: "How does this song go again?"

Bobby to Warren: "How does this song go again?"

After hugs all around and Bobby hitting himself in the head with his Guitar as to say “Ooops…”, the Dead contingent left the stage, Oteil returned, and a band huddle ensued to get things back together. The Brothers then preceded to close things out with Black Hearted Woman > Mountain Jam Tease > Little Martha tease  > Mountain Jam. They came out firing on Black Hearted Woman, no doubt out of frustration for the fumbled 45 minutes of music that just transpired. While Mountain Jam had some sublime moments, much of the crowd was spent and it was time to close the curtains on the 2009 Beacon run. The Statesboro Blues encore set everyone out on a high note (this fan was hoping for a Whipping Post encore but you can’t always get what you want) and Warrren thanked everyone and, in all likelihood, brought an end to the 20 year spring tradition of The Allmans at the Beacon. It was a bittersweet moment, especially with the lackluster Dead sit-in, but I left with a smile on my face (that was there from the second I got in and lasted for hours after the show) and a sincere gratitude to have witnessed the historic evening.



If this review left you salivating for more, don’t worry, installment two of Welcome To Now show reviews will happen for tomorrow’s nights FREE dead show at Roseland Ballroom.

No Free Lunch?


Today, something happened that rocked the core of my economic belief system, I received FREE (yes, Free!) tickets to see The Dead (yes, Bobby, Phil, Mickey, Billy + Warren and Chimenti) at the 3,000 person capacity Roseland Ballroom. For those of you who missed yesterday’s events, the Dead sent out an email at 5:52 PM yesterday to email subscribers only announcing a series of 3 free concerts to take place in NYC on Monday. Tickets would be given out to ‘loyal’ fans who entered an online form between 6 PM and 9 PM yesterday with results to be announced today. Low and behold, I awoke this morning to the following email:

“Congratulations you have been selected to receive Two (2) tickets to The Dead Set 3 performance at Roseland Ballroom in New York City on Monday, March 30, 2009. The performance will commence @ 11pm.”

To keep the free love flowing, enjoy this SBD copy of The Dead from Bonnaroo 2004:

Set 1 Download

Set2 + Encore Download

Friday Nuggets: Jerry Mix

This Friday’s ‘nugget’ comes courtesy of Matt over on PT:         A 4-disc Jerry Garcia live compilation:

Download the 4-Disc Mix Here – Quick easy download in mp3 itunes-ready format!


Disc One
1) (I’m A) Road Runner (7:16) (JGB, 11/4/81-Palace Theatre, Albany, NY)
2) Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (7:00) (Garcia & Saunders- 10/4/74- Keystone)
3) He Ain’t Give You None (Legion of Mary- 4/6/75- Orpheum Theatre, Boston – Late)
4) I Was Made To Love Her (7:44) (Garcia & Saunders- 1/19/72- Lion’s Share, San Anselmo)
5) Bright Side of the Road (JGB- 11/7/91- Capital Centre, Landover, MD)
6) Creepin’ (17:11) (Legion of Mary- 2/14/75- Keystone, Berkeley, CA)
7) Come See About Me (9:43) (Keith & Donna Band- 8/20/75- Great American Music Hall)
8) Hi-Heeled Sneakers (8:47) (Garcia & Saunders- 9/24/71- Lion’s Share, San Anselmo, CA)

Disc Two
1) And It Stoned Me (7:22) (JGB- 4/17/93- Pauley Pavilion, Los Angeles)
2) What’s Going On? (26:13) (Garcia & Saunders- 7/22/74- Keystone, Berkeley, CA)
3) The Way You Do The Things You Do (6:48) (JGB- 11/10/81- The Palladium, New York)
4) Ain’t No Woman (Like The One I Got) (11:40) (Garcia & Saunders- 3/9/74- Keystone)
5) Honey Chile (10:51) (Garcia & Saunders- 5/5/73- Homer’s Warehouse, Palo Alto, CA)
6) Crazy Love (5:33) (JGB- 4/24/87- The Stone, San Francisco)
7) Tupelo Honey (10:35) (Garcia & Saunders- 1/15/72- Keystone Korner, San Francisco)

Disc Three
1) Baby What you want me to do – (3:52) (Garcia Saunders- 9/24/71-Lion’s Share)
2) Another Star (12:05)(Reconstruction- 6/17/79-Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA)
3) When The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game (6:59)
(Reconstruction- 4/23/79- Old Waldorf, San Francisco)
4) I Second That Emotion (10:01) (Garcia & Saunders- 2/9/74- Rheem Theatre, Moraga, CA,)
5) Some Day Baby (8:03) (JGB -3/3/89-Orpheum Theater, San Francisco)
6) She belongs to me (6:33) (GD- 4/28/85-Frost Ampitheater, Palo Alto, CA)
7) What you won’t do for love- (7:20) (Reconstruction- 7/8/79- Keystone Palo Alto, CA)
8) Telling my friends-(4:22) (Reconstruction -7/8/79-Keystone Palo Alto, CA)
9) Think (8:45) (Garcia & Saunders -2/9/74- Rheem Theatre, Moraga, CA)
10) Finders Keepers (9:33) (Garcia & Saunders- 2/9/74- Rheem Theatre, Moraga, CA)

Disc Four
1) Lets spend the night together – (6:56) (JGB-3/3/89- Orpheum Theater, San Francisco)
2) Are you lonely for me (16:38) (Garcia & Saunders -2/9/74- Rheem Theatre, Moraga, CA)
3) Somebody to Love- (8:51) (JGB- 8/24/91- Goldcoast Concert Bowl, Squaw Valley, CA)
4) I’ll forget you- (3:21) Compliments Studio outtake
5) Fast tone (17:27)
6) Nessa (15:20)
7) That’s what love (10:22)

Download the 4-Disc Mix Here – Quick easy download in mp3 itunes-ready format!

Bob Marley for Halloween?

What do we have here? Some Bob Marley from Halloween night 1973:


Bob Marley and The Wailers

10/31/1973 – Sausalito, CA

1. Rastaman Chant
2. Bend Down Low
3. Slave Driver
4. Can’t Blame The Youth
5. Stop That Train
6. Burnin’ and Lootin’
7. Kinky Reggae
8. Get Up Stand Up
9. Lively Up Yourself
10. Walk The Proud Land

Download the show here!

This show is classic early 70’s Bob Marley: A more mature sound than the early Wailers, but less produced and over-played than later Bob Marley. This show features deep cuts  like “You Can’t Blame the Youth”, “Walk the Proud Land”, and “Slave Driver”. The studio-quality sound taboot, this show is a must have. Enjoy!

This Day in Grateful Dead History

On this day in Grateful Dead history, we celebrate a stellar show from 1973, at the Baltimore Civic Center no less! Jerry is tearin’ it up, especially on Weather Report Suite, Wharf Rat, and Candyman to name a few.

Check it out at the Live Music Archive Here.


This post comes courtesty of guest blogger The Sauce Machine

NYC Weekend Music Round-Up

This Saturday, March 28th, there is TONS of great music to be seen in New York City. The following (which reads like a small music festival line-up) are the places to be this Saturday:

The Allman Brothers Band @ The Beacon Theater (w/ special guests Bob Weir and Phil Lesh)
Les Claypool @ Terminal 5
Keller Williams and Reid Genaur @ The Nokia Theater
Perpetual Groove @ The Bowery Ballroom
EOTO, Psylab, The Dirty Drop, and Push @ Sullivan Hall late night

Just One More Saturday Night in the big Apple.

Check Jambase for all the latest shows, go see live music!

ABB 3/24/09

Allman Brothers Band – The Beacon Theater – 3/24/09


Full review at Swampland


Hot ‘Lanta
Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More
Rocking Horse (w/ Little Martha and Blue Sky teases)
Trouble No More
Goin’ Down Slow (w/ Bob Margolin and Thom Doucette)
A Change is Gonna Come (w/ Bob Margolin and Thom Doucette)
Midnight Rider (w/ Sonny Landreth)
Dreams (w/ Sonny Landreth)
Southbound (w/ Sonny Landreth and John Popper)

Jesus Just Left Chicago (w/ Billy Gibbons)
Stormy Monday (w/ BillyGibbons)
Statesboro Blues (w/ Billy Gibbons)
Same Thing (w/John Popper)
Mountain Jam > Smokestack Lightning > Third Stone From The Sun > Mountain Jam

One Way Out (w/ Sonny Landreth, Bob Margolin and John Popper)


Welcome To Now

Some fun things to get started with….

First, fluffy fluffy fluffy fluffy fluffy head from Hampton 3/6/09. When the lights go yellow, Phish plays their first improvised note in almost 5 years. Feel the release….

Second, The Talking Heads in 1980 – The Great Divide

And finally, some classic G Dead/Bob Weir from NYE 1985 (with Ken Kesey commentary). The vocal interplay between Bob and Brent is top-notch, and Bobby’s hand signals and intense stare put this over the top!

More to come!