WTN Picks – NYE

Returning now to our WTN Picks series, a retrospective on Phish’s 2011 NYE run, today we highlight a rocking and raging two song sequence of Sneaking Sally and 46 Days from NYE 2011. This rambunctious duo got laid down mid-way through set two and is full of serious peaks, some dirty funk, a nice vocal jam in Sally, and all-around solid and tight playing from the whole band. Many would agree the 46 Days is the (if not one of the) highlights from the NYE show. You can check out both in this multi-cam vid:

The honorable mention for WTN pick from 12/31 is a tie between Steam, which traversed some out there and exciting territory, and Light, which also went off nearing epicness before it was prematurely steered into Golden Age. Both honorable mentions below:

Also be sure to check out the other WTN picks from Phish’s 2011 NYEMSG run here.

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