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YouTube Sundays: Trey and Jerry

Let’s chill out on this Sunday with some great Jerry and Trey YouTubes. Specifically, let’s take a look at their solo endeavors including a full JGB show from 89 and some of Trey’s recent orchestral performances. How sweet it is to see both of these musical geniuses outside of their ‘day jobs’, doing what they love and keeping the music flowing.

Concert Photography by David Oppenheimer - Performance Impressions

Concert Photography by David Oppenheimer - Performance Impressions

  • JGB, 9/5/89, FULL SHOW

  • Trey with the Atlanta Symphony, 2/9/12, Divided Sky

  • JGB, 11/15/91, Ain’t No Bread In The Breadbox

  • TAB, B’roo 2001, Push On Til’ The Day

Acoustic Sundays, Vol. 2

Acoustic Sundays make a triumphant return today with a breathtaking 4-camera, SBD Audio, full-length, pro-shot video of Phish’s Festival 8 Acoustic set: check it out here!

Phish Acoustic - 11/01/09

Phish Festival 8 Acoustic setlist:
Water in the Sky
Back On The Train
Brian & Robert
Strange Design
Mountains in the Mist
The Curtain With
Army of One
Sleep Again
My Sweet One
Let Me Lie
Around the Room
Train Song

Secret Smile

Video Stream

Audio Download

Notes: Entire set acoustic. * -first time played

For all you acoustic-heads out there, be sure to also check out our first installment of Acoustic Sundays with a crystal-clear SBD recording of Jerry Garcia and John Kahn, live acoustic from the Oregon State Penitentiary in 1982.

Garcia and Kahn

Garcia/Kahn Setlist:
Deep Elem Blues
Friend Of The Devil
Oh Babe, It Ain’t No Lie
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
Run For The Roses
I’ve Been All Around This World
Dire Wolf

Reuben And Cherise

SBD Download

Acoustic Sundays

Today is the first installment of a new weekly tradition – ‘Acoustic Sundays’ – where we’ll check out some chiller acoustic listening for the day of rest. To kick things off in style, give a listen to this crispy SBD recording of Garcia and Kahn acoustic at the Oregon State Penitentiary in 1982. This recording is glistening with energy, soul, and emotion and is just pristine sounding. Until next Sunday…

Garcia and Kahn - 5/05/82

Garcia and Kahn - 5/05/82

Jerry Garcia and John Kahn Acoustic
Oregon State Penitentiary
Salem, OR

Deep Elem Blues
Friend Of The Devil
Oh Babe, It Ain’t No Lie
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
Run For The Roses
I’ve Been All Around This World
Dire Wolf

Reuben And Cherise

Download Link

Jerry Birthday Mix

In honor of Jerry’s Birthday today (August 1, 1942 – August 9, 1995), we’ll celebrate by sharing some deep cuts and rarities from a whole array of Jerry solo projects. For Jerry lovers out there, you’re gonna love this and are sure to agree that it is a needed addition to your collection. Enjoy, and Happy Birthday Jerry, we love you!

Happy B-Day Jerry!

Disc One
1)Jingle Bells-(3:41)-JGB-12/20/75–Winterland(Nicky Hopkins Tuning)
2)Reuben and Cherise-(5:46)-Jerry Solo- 4/10/82– Capitol, Passaic
3) They Love Each Other–(7:29)–JGB–12/22/76–Keystone, Berkeley
4)Lovely Night for Dancing–(8:53)–Reconstruction–3/7/79 — Rancho Nicasio, CA
5) Loser—-(4:06)—JGB—-1972—Studio outtake from Garcia album
6)Boogie On—(19:44)—LOM—3/8/75– Pitchell Players Cabaret, LA
7) Tellin’ My Friends–(5:01)-Reconstruction–6/17/79–Keystone, Palo Alto
8)Mystery Train–(9:02)–JGB–10/24/75–Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA
9) Masterpiece–(6:28)—JGAB–10/31/87—Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, NY
10) How Sweet It Is–(8:01)-JG & MS–2/6/72–Pacific High Recording Studio, San Fran

Disc Two
1)Stagger Lee-(6:14)-Jerry Solo-4/10/82-Capitol Theater, Passaic
2) Catfish John—– (11:49) —-JGB—–2/14/76—–Keystone
3) I Just Wanna Stop–(5:33)–Reconstruction- 6/17/79 -Keystone, Palo Alto
4) What you won’t do for love—(6:49)—Reconstruction—3/8/79 —Cabaret Cotati, CA
5)Second that Emotion-(10:28)-JGB-3/17/78–Capitol Theater, Passaic NJ
6) Stir It Up —-(13:10)—JGB—- 12/22/76—-Keystone, Berkeley
7) Strange Man (7:12)—-JGB–5/21/76—Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco,
8)I’ve Been all around this World–(3:58)-Jerry Solo-4/10/82–Capitol, Passaic
9)My Sisters and Brothers–(6:59)–JGB–7/23/77–Keystone, Berkeley
10) Midnight Moonlight—(6:22)–JGB– 10/31/93–Brendan Byrne, NJ

Disc Three
1)Bertha–(4:13)–David and the Dorks (JG, Lesh, Hart, Crosby)–12/15/70
2) Roadrunner—- (15:46)—- LOM—- 2/5/74—GAMH, San Fran
3) Russian Lullaby— (13:43)—JGB—12/21/79–Keystone, Palo Alto
4)Dire Wolf–(3:34)-Jerry Solo–4/10/82–Capitol Theater, Passaic,
5) Lazy Bones—-(10:42)—- JGB—- 2/6/94 —–Warfield, San Fran
6)Deep Elem Blues-(7:25)-David and the Dorks-12/15/70-Matrix,San Fran
7) Evangeline–(5:33)–JGB—3/3/89–Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco
8)Goodnight Irene—(5:28)–Jerry, Weir, Santana, Chester Thompson,
Tower of Power—1/23/88–Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland
9)Freight Train-(2:45)-Jerry Solo-4/10/82-Capitol Theater, Passaic
10) Crazy Love—–(5:28)—–JGAB–10/31/87—–Lunt-Fontanne, NY
11)China Doll-(4:34)-Jerry Solo-/10/82-Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ

Disc Four
1) Don’t Let Go—-(7:33)—-JGB—-7/26/81—- Keystone, Berkeley
2)Positively 4th Street–(17:34)–JGB–12/21/79–Keystone,Palo Alto
3) Valerie—(8:12)—JGB–3/5/83–Civic Auditorium, Santa Cruz, CA
4)Run for the Roses-(5:36)-JGB–3/5/83–Civic Auditorium,Santa Cruz
5) My Problems Got Problems—-(11:09)—JG & MS—- 2/5/74—GAMH
6) Mighty High—– (7:35)—- JGB—12/22/76—Keystone, Berkeley
7) Shining Star—– (12:28)—-JGB—- 10/31/92—–Oakland
8) What a Wonderful World—-(8:39)—JGB —- 10/31/92 —-Oakland

Download Link (WMA files)

Note: You can use Switch(Mac) to covnert wma files to mp3 and just about any other conversion you wanna do

Big shout-out to Matt for the mix, you rock!


Jerry’s All-Stars

Check out this Jerry show from 72′ with an all-star cast featuring the late great organist Merl Saunders, bass-man extraordinaire John Kahn, and drum-master Billy K. from the Grateful Dead. This show is overflowing with energy, soul, funk, and straight top-notch playing. The setlist features classic cuts from The Beatles, Dylan, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye as well as rare Jerry Band tunes ‘Save Mother Earth’ and  ‘Lonely Avenue’. This bootleg is raw but crisp and really captures this performance intimately and nicely. Without further ado:

Jerry and Merl

Jerry and Merl

Jerry Garcia, Merl Saunders, John Kahn, and Bill Kreutzman
Pacific High Studio
San Fransisco, CA

Set 1
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
That’s The Touch
Save Mother Earth>

Set 2
That’s All Right Mama
Who’s Loving You Tonight
When I Paint My Masterpiece
I Was Made To Love Her
Lonely Avenue
How Sweet It Is

Download Link Part 1
Download Link Part 2


Let’s mix it up a bit with some recent news tidbits, some bootlegs, and some video. As they say, “variety is the spice of life”:


First, the All Good Festival announced their Daily Lineup which looks like a lot of fun, though admittedly a bit cheesy and poppy. For some reason, they seemed to have packed a lot of the best acts into Sunday’s lineup. Why they wouldn’t give DSO, BK3, or Tea Leaf Green  main day or late night shows is beyond me. In any case, check it out, July 9-12 at Marvin’s Moutaintop in Masontown, West Virginia.

In Dead news, Jambase put out this review of The Dead’s 5/02/09 final performance at the Philadelphia Spectrum. They’re got some nice pics, but I don’t think this review holds up to the one offered up here. Dead_SpectrumAlso, The Dead released a series of new videos from their 09′ tour. They picked some choice moments for the musical segments of these vids, definitely worth a watch. One of the 2 most recent videos feature Branford Marsalis offering up a fresh perspective on the Dead, their approach to the music, and the repetoire while the other has Bob Weir embarrassing himself with an attempt at human speech. The mindless dribble that comes out of his mouth these days  is only second to his “rhythm guitar”. The dead kick off the closing west coast leg of their 09 tour today with a stop in Colorado. Rider, anyone?

TreyElsewhere this week, Phish’s Trey Anastasio was on Capitol Hill lobbying for drug courts… His choice of words was a bit cryptic: “I’m a recovering alcoholic and a proud graduate of the Washington drug court program”. Let me translate for you: I’m a recovering alcoholic who still loves oxy and blow! To read between the lines yet one layer further, I think what the frontman is really trying to say is ‘Don’t do drugs… Except of course on the upcoming sold out Phish tour!’

Moving on to something we really dig over here – let’s check out some bootlegs from the 70’s when, according to Branford, ‘Things were just easy’.

First, some Peter Tosh from the nation’s capital in 79:

Peter ToshPeter Tosh
Washington D.C.

1 400 Years/Steppin Razor
2 Pick Myself Up/African
3 Burial
4 Soon Come
5 I’m The Toughest/Bush Doctor
6 Don’t Look Back
7 Get Up Stand Up
8 Legalize It

Download Link 1
Download Link 2

Second, dig this show from Jerry and the late, great Merl Saunders in Palo Alto in 73′:

merle_jerryJerry Garcia and Merl Saunders
Homer’s Warehouse
Palo Alto, CA

Set 1:
That’s The Touch I Like
It’s No Use
That’s All Right Mama

Set 2:
It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry
Honey Chile
Lonely Avenue
Georgia On My Mind
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
How Sweet It Is

Download link

Finally, let’s time travel ahead 20 years and close things out on a trippy note with some great-sounding Floyd from the Knebworth Festival, 1990:

Pink FloydPink Floyd
Knebworth Festival, Knebworth, England,

1 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part 1-5)
2 The Great Gig In The Sky
3 Wish You Were Here
4 Sorrow
5 Money
6 Comfortably Numb
7 Run Like Hell

Download link

For a second encore, and one well worth it, check this Jerry and friends vid featuring Baba Olatunji, Carlos Santana, Hamza el-Din, Bobby Vega, Sikiru Adepoju, and others in California, 1987. Santana rips the shit out of this Fire and the rhythm secion is not to be messed with:

Weekend Goodies (part 2 of 2)

As promised, we’re back with two more classic goodies today! The first is Jerry Garcia Band live from the Warner Theater (late show) on 3-18-78:


1. The Harder They Come
2. Mission in the Rain
3. Simple Twist of Fater
4. Midnight Moonlight
5. Gomorrah
7. Cats Under the Stars
8. I’ll be with Thee
9. Lomesone and a Long Way From Home >
10. Jam >
11. Lonesome and a Long Way From Home
12. Palm Sunday

Second, we change things up completely and shoot up from DC to Boston to catch Peter Tosh in all his glory, Live in Boston 1976:


1. Instrumental Intro
2. Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praised)
3. 400 Years
4. No Sympathy
5. Burial
6. Mark of the Beast
7. Babylong Queendom
8. Why Must I Cry
9. Whatcha Gonna Do
10. Steppin’ Razor
11. Ketchy Shuby
12. Legal Dub

Download both shows right here!

Friday Nuggets: Jerry Mix

This Friday’s ‘nugget’ comes courtesy of Matt over on PT:         A 4-disc Jerry Garcia live compilation:

Download the 4-Disc Mix Here – Quick easy download in mp3 itunes-ready format!


Disc One
1) (I’m A) Road Runner (7:16) (JGB, 11/4/81-Palace Theatre, Albany, NY)
2) Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (7:00) (Garcia & Saunders- 10/4/74- Keystone)
3) He Ain’t Give You None (Legion of Mary- 4/6/75- Orpheum Theatre, Boston – Late)
4) I Was Made To Love Her (7:44) (Garcia & Saunders- 1/19/72- Lion’s Share, San Anselmo)
5) Bright Side of the Road (JGB- 11/7/91- Capital Centre, Landover, MD)
6) Creepin’ (17:11) (Legion of Mary- 2/14/75- Keystone, Berkeley, CA)
7) Come See About Me (9:43) (Keith & Donna Band- 8/20/75- Great American Music Hall)
8) Hi-Heeled Sneakers (8:47) (Garcia & Saunders- 9/24/71- Lion’s Share, San Anselmo, CA)

Disc Two
1) And It Stoned Me (7:22) (JGB- 4/17/93- Pauley Pavilion, Los Angeles)
2) What’s Going On? (26:13) (Garcia & Saunders- 7/22/74- Keystone, Berkeley, CA)
3) The Way You Do The Things You Do (6:48) (JGB- 11/10/81- The Palladium, New York)
4) Ain’t No Woman (Like The One I Got) (11:40) (Garcia & Saunders- 3/9/74- Keystone)
5) Honey Chile (10:51) (Garcia & Saunders- 5/5/73- Homer’s Warehouse, Palo Alto, CA)
6) Crazy Love (5:33) (JGB- 4/24/87- The Stone, San Francisco)
7) Tupelo Honey (10:35) (Garcia & Saunders- 1/15/72- Keystone Korner, San Francisco)

Disc Three
1) Baby What you want me to do – (3:52) (Garcia Saunders- 9/24/71-Lion’s Share)
2) Another Star (12:05)(Reconstruction- 6/17/79-Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA)
3) When The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game (6:59)
(Reconstruction- 4/23/79- Old Waldorf, San Francisco)
4) I Second That Emotion (10:01) (Garcia & Saunders- 2/9/74- Rheem Theatre, Moraga, CA,)
5) Some Day Baby (8:03) (JGB -3/3/89-Orpheum Theater, San Francisco)
6) She belongs to me (6:33) (GD- 4/28/85-Frost Ampitheater, Palo Alto, CA)
7) What you won’t do for love- (7:20) (Reconstruction- 7/8/79- Keystone Palo Alto, CA)
8) Telling my friends-(4:22) (Reconstruction -7/8/79-Keystone Palo Alto, CA)
9) Think (8:45) (Garcia & Saunders -2/9/74- Rheem Theatre, Moraga, CA)
10) Finders Keepers (9:33) (Garcia & Saunders- 2/9/74- Rheem Theatre, Moraga, CA)

Disc Four
1) Lets spend the night together – (6:56) (JGB-3/3/89- Orpheum Theater, San Francisco)
2) Are you lonely for me (16:38) (Garcia & Saunders -2/9/74- Rheem Theatre, Moraga, CA)
3) Somebody to Love- (8:51) (JGB- 8/24/91- Goldcoast Concert Bowl, Squaw Valley, CA)
4) I’ll forget you- (3:21) Compliments Studio outtake
5) Fast tone (17:27)
6) Nessa (15:20)
7) That’s what love (10:22)

Download the 4-Disc Mix Here – Quick easy download in mp3 itunes-ready format!