Jerry Birthday Mix

In honor of Jerry’s Birthday today (August 1, 1942 – August 9, 1995), we’ll celebrate by sharing some deep cuts and rarities from a whole array of Jerry solo projects. For Jerry lovers out there, you’re gonna love this and are sure to agree that it is a needed addition to your collection. Enjoy, and Happy Birthday Jerry, we love you!

Happy B-Day Jerry!

Disc One
1)Jingle Bells-(3:41)-JGB-12/20/75–Winterland(Nicky Hopkins Tuning)
2)Reuben and Cherise-(5:46)-Jerry Solo- 4/10/82– Capitol, Passaic
3) They Love Each Other–(7:29)–JGB–12/22/76–Keystone, Berkeley
4)Lovely Night for Dancing–(8:53)–Reconstruction–3/7/79 — Rancho Nicasio, CA
5) Loser—-(4:06)—JGB—-1972—Studio outtake from Garcia album
6)Boogie On—(19:44)—LOM—3/8/75– Pitchell Players Cabaret, LA
7) Tellin’ My Friends–(5:01)-Reconstruction–6/17/79–Keystone, Palo Alto
8)Mystery Train–(9:02)–JGB–10/24/75–Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA
9) Masterpiece–(6:28)—JGAB–10/31/87—Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, NY
10) How Sweet It Is–(8:01)-JG & MS–2/6/72–Pacific High Recording Studio, San Fran

Disc Two
1)Stagger Lee-(6:14)-Jerry Solo-4/10/82-Capitol Theater, Passaic
2) Catfish John—– (11:49) —-JGB—–2/14/76—–Keystone
3) I Just Wanna Stop–(5:33)–Reconstruction- 6/17/79 -Keystone, Palo Alto
4) What you won’t do for love—(6:49)—Reconstruction—3/8/79 —Cabaret Cotati, CA
5)Second that Emotion-(10:28)-JGB-3/17/78–Capitol Theater, Passaic NJ
6) Stir It Up —-(13:10)—JGB—- 12/22/76—-Keystone, Berkeley
7) Strange Man (7:12)—-JGB–5/21/76—Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco,
8)I’ve Been all around this World–(3:58)-Jerry Solo-4/10/82–Capitol, Passaic
9)My Sisters and Brothers–(6:59)–JGB–7/23/77–Keystone, Berkeley
10) Midnight Moonlight—(6:22)–JGB– 10/31/93–Brendan Byrne, NJ

Disc Three
1)Bertha–(4:13)–David and the Dorks (JG, Lesh, Hart, Crosby)–12/15/70
2) Roadrunner—- (15:46)—- LOM—- 2/5/74—GAMH, San Fran
3) Russian Lullaby— (13:43)—JGB—12/21/79–Keystone, Palo Alto
4)Dire Wolf–(3:34)-Jerry Solo–4/10/82–Capitol Theater, Passaic,
5) Lazy Bones—-(10:42)—- JGB—- 2/6/94 —–Warfield, San Fran
6)Deep Elem Blues-(7:25)-David and the Dorks-12/15/70-Matrix,San Fran
7) Evangeline–(5:33)–JGB—3/3/89–Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco
8)Goodnight Irene—(5:28)–Jerry, Weir, Santana, Chester Thompson,
Tower of Power—1/23/88–Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland
9)Freight Train-(2:45)-Jerry Solo-4/10/82-Capitol Theater, Passaic
10) Crazy Love—–(5:28)—–JGAB–10/31/87—–Lunt-Fontanne, NY
11)China Doll-(4:34)-Jerry Solo-/10/82-Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ

Disc Four
1) Don’t Let Go—-(7:33)—-JGB—-7/26/81—- Keystone, Berkeley
2)Positively 4th Street–(17:34)–JGB–12/21/79–Keystone,Palo Alto
3) Valerie—(8:12)—JGB–3/5/83–Civic Auditorium, Santa Cruz, CA
4)Run for the Roses-(5:36)-JGB–3/5/83–Civic Auditorium,Santa Cruz
5) My Problems Got Problems—-(11:09)—JG & MS—- 2/5/74—GAMH
6) Mighty High—– (7:35)—- JGB—12/22/76—Keystone, Berkeley
7) Shining Star—– (12:28)—-JGB—- 10/31/92—–Oakland
8) What a Wonderful World—-(8:39)—JGB —- 10/31/92 —-Oakland

Download Link (WMA files)

Note: You can use Switch(Mac) to covnert wma files to mp3 and just about any other conversion you wanna do

Big shout-out to Matt for the mix, you rock!



  1. grovernut Said:

    Thanks fro sharing this. Looks like the set list if different on the download than on t the web? An I downloading the wrong fine?

    • grovernut Said:

      Never mind it as you listed. Note to self…. “listen harder”


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