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Today in Grateful Dead History

Later released as Dick’s Pick 32, this gem of a show comes from Alpine Valley in 1982. Although the show was officialy released, the Audience recording bootleg is still heavily circulated. It was pretty cool to see the band transition from Music Never Stopped>Sugaree>Music. ‘Big River’ is always a treat and it made me boogie in my chair. ‘CC Rider’ was hot with funky and folksy Bobby vocal stylings and playing. I really appreciate ‘Let it Grow’ as a set 1 closer as it leaves the crowd energized and hungry for more.


China/Rider picked up right where ‘Let it Grow’ left off to start off set 2; ‘Woman R Smarter’ brought the house down and was paired up nicely with a ‘Ship of Fools’ that cooled the crew down. The band then launches into outer space with a Playin’>Drums>Space>Wheel>Playin’ (Reprise) sequence – the journey was interesting, to say the least. Finally, Jerry brings things back down to earth with a tasteful yet moving ‘Morning Dew’. Going out on a high note, ‘Saturday Night’ raged to close out set 2 and ‘U.S. Blues’ topped everything off nicely.

The Grateful Dead ~ 08/07/82 ~ Alpine Valley Music Theater ~ East Troy, WI

Set 1
The Music Never Stopped ->
Sugaree ->
The Music Never Stopped
Me And My Uncle ->
Big River
It Must Have Been The Roses
C C Rider
Ramble On Rose
Beat It On Down The Line ->
OnThe Road Again
Let It Grow

Set 2
China Cat Sunflower ->
I Know You Rider ->
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
Ship Of Fools
Playing In The Band ->
Drums ->
Space ->
The Wheel ->
Playing In The Band ->
Morning Dew ->
One More Saturday Night

U.S. Blues

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