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Phil Lesh and Friends – Terrapin Crossroads Opening

Tonight, March 17th, was the official opening night for Phil Lesh’s new Terrapin Crossroads music venue in San Rafael, CA. The opening gig featured Chris Robinson, Jeff Chimenti, Jimmy Herring, Joe Russo, Phil’s two sons — Grahame and Brian — as well as special guests Bob Weir and Jackie Greene sitting in. This is the first of a 13 show run to bust open the new venue with a bang! Rumor has it that Phil will retire from the road in the next couple of years and settle down with frequent local gigs at the new venue, following the Levon Helm ‘Ramble’ model.

Terrapin Crossroads Opening

Phil greets guests (via

For the legions of Bay Area Phil phans, this venue is truly a blessing and tonight’s opening is a big moment in the west coast deadhead scene. Expect lots more show announcements for this year, and a full-on review of the venue when yours truly makes it up there one of these days! Here’s the setlist from the first official Terrapin Crossroads gig:

Phil Lesh and Friends
Terrapin Crossroads Opening Night
San Rafael, CA

Set One
Terrapin Station (Studio version over the PA) ->
Inspiration (live band enters)->
Uncle John’s Band
Ship of Fools
Sail on Sailor (Beach Boys cover)
It Takes a Lot To Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry
Whiskey in the Jar
Seven Drunken Nights (Irish Jig)
Wharf Rat
Viola Lee Blues



Set 2*
St. Stephen->
The Wheel
Thorn In My Pride
Scarlet Begonias->
Don’t Play With Fire->
Cryptical Envelopment->
The Other One->
Fire On The Mountain->
Playin’ In The Band
Terrapin Jam->
Playin’ Reprise->
I Know You Rider

Encore: One More Saturday Night

* – Set 2 with Bob Weir

3/17 Setlist

3/17 Setlist

Phil and Friends Night 3 in CO

If night 2 was a survey of different Grateful Dead eras, choice covers, and a classic Phil and Friends segue-heavy show, night 3 was the much ‘purer’ night of Grateful Dead music. The focus of the night was on 60s and early 70s material, with nearly every song drawn from the pre-1972 Grateful Dead songbook and only one outside-the-box cover in Layla. While the setlist may have been more straight down the fairway on night 3, the intensity and precision of the music continued to be at its highest, with Warren and Scofield most notably finding harmony and cohesion even more than in past nights.

The highlight of the night was an absolutely barn-burner set 2 opening sequence of Stephen->Eleven that featured an out-of-this-world hot bass solo from Phil and silky smooth segue into a raging Eleven. What a night and what a way to end a great run with a bang, enjoy setlist and downloads below. Also, see my previous review from night 2 which now has downloads available as well. Thanks Phil (and friends), for a real good time!

Phil Lesh and Friends, 1st Bank Center, Broomfield, CO 2/18/12

Set 1: Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) > Viola LeeBlues > Bertha, Cumberland Blues, Friend of the Devil, Candyman, He’s Gone > Cold Rain and Snow

Set 2: St. Stephen > The Eleven > Foxy Lady Jam > Layla, Bird Song, Uncle John’s Band > Stella Blue, I Know You Rider, Going Down the Road Feeling Bad > Attics of My Life

Encore: Box of Rain

Set 1 DL

Set 2 DL

Phil Lesh and Friends – Night 2 at Broomfield

Phil and his newly resurrected ensemble of friends stormed the 1st Bank Center last night with an onslaught of inspired music, keeping up the energy and love of what is turning out to be a seriously triumphant, and dare i say ‘Epic’, weekend run. The lot was abuzz with an old school vibe and energy not felt in years before the show last night, and some pre-show snowflakes and crisp air set the stage beautifully for a magical night of music. Everyone brought their A-Game, and it is clear this band has quickly found a groove and a way to highlight each member – a significant challenge given the many big musical voices on stage.

The show itself was a true testament to the dripping psychedelic musical exploration that only comes from Phil’s ‘make something happen, play in the moment’ Phil and Friends ensembles. The setlist read like a dream, with two quintessential Beatles songs in each set that served as the musical exclamation points on the night.  Each member shined at different moments throughout the show. Scofield was other-worldly on a smoking and unexpected first set Eyes of the World, while Jackie Greene surprised everyone in the room with an out of left field top notch performance of his original Like a Ball and Chain.

Image via

Warren led the band through an absolute smoker of She Said, She Said, while Russo and Chimenti were the glue that held the express train together at every twist and turn. And of course, Mr. Lesh, was inspired and full of love and smiles throughout, especially during the later part of the second during the patchwork quilt of Dark Star, Unbroken Chain, and Morning Dew. What was even more impressive than each member’s individual contributions, was the tightness of cohesiveness of the band had with each other. There was countless moments of locked-in cosmic interplay and between the band, especially between Warren, Sco, and Chimenti.

One can only imagine what the boys have in store for tonight. NOW is the time of returning for Phil and Friends, and what a special time it is to be, to be, to be…

Phil Lesh and Friends, 1st Bank Center, Broomfield, CO 2/17/12

Set 1:  Jam -> Althea, Estimated Prophet -> Eyes Of The World -> Mississippi Half-Step -> Loose Lucy, Like A Ball And Chain, She Said, She Said, Casey Jones

Set 2: Passenger, New Speedway Boogie, Low Spark of High Heeled Boys -> Gypsy Woman -> Caution > Unbroken Chain > Dark Star (v1) > I Am The Walrus > Dark Star (v2) > Morning Dew

Encore: We Bid You Goodnight

Set 1 DL

Set 2 DL

For more great pics, check out DeadHeadLand’s coverage of the run

Phil Lesh and Friends, 7/21/2001, Hartford

Hey y’all. We are sick with Phil fever over here at WTN, getting excited for the upcoming Broomfield run. And there’s only one cure for that fever, it’s the sweet sounds of ‘The Q’ – Phil’s early 2000s version of Phil Lesh and Friends featuring Warren Haynes, Jimmy Herring, John Molo, and Rob Barraco. Widely regarded as the most successful post-Jerry Dead band, and for good reason, this band truly smokes. A term I keep coming back to when listening to them is ‘musical density’ — there is a lot of great music being made here, with tons of on the spot composition, interplay, and dripping psychedelic guitar work.

The Q

The Q

I want to feature one of my favorite ‘Q’ shows ever here on WTN today: from summer 2001 tour, this epic show went down at The Meadows Music Center in Hartford, CT on July 21st. Stops on this tour were Ratdog/Phil and Friends double headers, with the bands switching off headline duties. On this special night, after a warmup set from Weir and Ratdog, Phil and Friends play a 2 set smokefest with a dream second set and fun, bluesy first set with a Weir cameo taboot. Check out the full setlist below, and also feel free to stream the show over at Archive or download a great AUD version I’ve uploaded with all the songs tracked out. Enjoy folks!

Summer Tour 2001 Poster

Summer Tour 2001 Poster

Phil Lesh and Friends ~ 7/21/2001 ~ Hartford, CT

Set 1: Jam -> Cosmic Charlie, Rainy Day Woman tease* -> Truckin* -> Jam* -> Cassidy*, Beautifully Broken -> King Solomon’s Marbles -> Stronger Than Dirt, Doin’ that Rag

Set 2: Caution Jam -> Dear Mr. Fantasy, St. Stephen -> Eyes -> St. Stephen -> Help on the Way -> Slipknot! -> The Eleven -> Slipknot! -> Franklin’s Tower

Encore: Built To Last

*with Bob Weir (Ratdog opened)

Download the show here

Stream the show here

Upcoming Shows: Phil and Friends in CO

As we turn the corner into February, let’s take a look at an exciting upcoming run of shows going down next month. Phil Lesh will reunite Phil Lesh and Friends for the first real P&F shows since 2008. All the info that’s fit to print on these shows can be found below.

Phil and Friends Broomfield Flyer

Phil and Friends Broomfield Flyer

Who: Phil Lesh and Friends, featuring Warren Haynes, John Scofield, and Jackie Greene on guitars, Jeff Chimenti on keys (just added today!), Joe Russo on drums, and Phil Lesh on bass guitar.

Where: Broomfield, CO – First Bank Center

When: February 16, 17, and 18 (Thurs/Fri/Sat of President’s Day weekend)

Tickets: Buy tickets through TicketHorse here. Lots of tickets left, doesn’t look like these shows will be selling out.

What to Expect: Phil-heads everywhere (yours truly included) have very high expectations for these shows. This is an all-star band and the combination of Warren and Scofield is not something to miss. Expect high-energy, fast-paced, psychedelic versions of Dead classics, lots of covers, maybe some new Furthur cuts, a few Jackie Greene originals, and some surprises as well I’m sure.

To wet your appetite for these shows, and give you a taste of what this lineup is capable of, check out this Phil and Friends show form Mountain Jam 2007 that featured Warren and Sco on red-hot dueling guitars. Or just sample the few vids below from that epic night…

YouTube Sundays


  • Phil Lesh and Friends – 1/26/2008 Set 2 ALL
  • Phish – 12/31/2009 – Fluffhead w/ Sarah!
  • Ratdog – 8/06/2005 – Standing on the Moon 
  • Blind Melon – 4/08/1994 (RIP Kurt Cobain) – Change
  • Gov’t Mule – ?/?/2007  – The Letter (cover)

Dead to the World?

Believe it or not, it’s 2012. The Grateful Dead has been an American institution for almost 50 years, longer than many people live. And it’s not just Furthur out there touring, the Dead’s music continues to live on in more bands than one could ever imagine after so many years. Here’s a sampling of what 2011 meant in Grateful Dead land, and what’s in store for 2012:


Photo: Mary Ouellette / SoundSpike

Photo: Mary Ouellette / SoundSpike

Bob Weir and Phil Lesh’s Furthur continue to tour from coast to coast, the incarnation closest to the original Grateful Dead experience. While there are haters and lovers of Furthur, all true deadheads can rejoice in seeing Bobby and Phil share the stage and make magic. To get a feel for where the band is at today, check out this show from Madison Square Garden from November 10th.

2012 Forecast: Furthur already has a spring tour booked, and will likely continue to tour at least through the end of 2012. With more Phil and Friends shows in the works and a possible Ratdog reunion tour, 2012 may be a lighter touring year than 2011.


7 Walkers

7 Walkers

If you haven’t heard the debut album or caught a show from Billy K. and Papa Mali’s ‘7 Walkers’, do yourself a favor and check them out. This stripped down ensemble invented a whole new genre of Grateful Dead known to fans as ‘Swampadelica’. Their album is soulful, bluesy, fun, and a must have for deadheads. You can buy it from the official 7 Walker’s site here.

2012 Forecast:  Next up for 7 Walkers is a series of shows with Steve Kimock aboard next week’s Jam Cruise. After that, look for continued dedicated attention and touring from Billy K. as well as a possible follow-up studio album.


Mickey has put together a brand spanking new band for 2012 with a whole slew of new original songs taboot. Check out the YouTube above to see the cast of characters that Mickey has assembled. The band just recently finished up a winter tour that was pretty smoking from what I’ve heard. Let’s hope Mickey keeps this band around for a while and releases some of the great new originals they’ve composed.

2012 Forecast:  Mickey and his new band already are still in the midst of a few January shows and then will likely be releasing an album of original material with a supporting tour to follow later in the year.


Phil Lesh reunited ‘Phil and Friends’ this year at Warren Haynes’ annual Christmas Jam. Check out the vid above of a playful China Cat Sunflower from the reunion. The Xmas Jam group featured Jackie Greene, Warren Haynes, Jeff Chimenti, Joe Russo, and of course uncle Phil himself.

This was just a preview though, Phil and Friends will be playing 3 shows in Colorado in February of 2012 with an amazing lineup of John Scofield and Warren Haynes on Guitar, Jackie Greene on Keyboard/Guitar, John ‘The Lion King’ Molo on Drums, and Phil. These shows promise to be nothing short of epic. To get a feel for what the shows might be like, check out the vid below of a very similar band featuring Warren and Sco from Mountain Jam 2007. I was at this show and it is probably my favorite P&F show ever out of many, many shows I’ve seen.

2012 Forecast:  Aside from the February shows, rumors have been swirling that Phil and Friends will crank out some more shows in 2012. Expect to see some one-off or mini-runs at Phil’s new Terrapin Crossroads venue.




DSO continues to tour relentlessly, from New York to San Francisco to Jam in The Dam and beyond, bringing unmatched energy, passion, and love for the Grateful Dead canon to ‘Starheads’ everywhere. With Jeff Mattson firmly settled into the lead role in Dark Star, fans everywhere (including myself) can’t stop singing the praises of the new frontman and the raw 60s and 70s style psychedelic guitar work he brings to the band. If you’re still a skeptic on Dark Star and think they’re just a ‘cover band’, stop fooling yourself and catch them on their upcoming tours, you will not be sorry!

2012 Forecast:  DSO is sure to keep up the relentless touring in 2012. So far the band is playing the NE and SE in the winter, Jam in the Dam in March, and the West Coast in April. Expect a NE and festival tour in the summer, West Coast in late fall, and a return to the NE for NYE 2012.

Bonus Dead: As if this wasn’t enough, RATDOG is reuniting on January 25th for a special webcast show from Bob Weir’s TRI Studios venue that he launched in 2011. The golden road really does go on forever, and there’s nothing to do but smile about it.



Welcome to 2012!

Happy new year! Stay tuned for a whole new brand of WTN. Here’s what’s got me excited today:






Contact -> Sample official vid

GREAT review of Night 1, the best of the run

Lots more to come, but what I wanna know is….

Backwards Down The Number Line: Welcome To Now Turns 1

Today we celebrate the one year anniversary of Welcome To Now! Founded on March 25th, 2009, WTN has been there over the past year along with all you freaks out there, sharing in the groove and digging the wonderful music taking place all across this great land. In honor of this special day, let’s look back at the 10 biggest musical moments of the past year in Jam:


Phish @ Hamtpon - 3/07/09

Phish returned to the stage in 2009, with a more than triumphant year of playing. The reunion began with a historic 3 show run at Hampton Coliseum in March. Things just got better as the year went on for The Phish – the band released a new album, ‘Joy’, and hit the road for a big 2-leg summer tour, Halloween at Festival 8 in Indio, CA, an East Coast fall tour, and New Years in Miami. All in all, 2009 was a great year to be a Phish-head!

Hampton Fluffhead


Lesh, Weir, and Kadlecik - Dec. 09'

Phil Lesh and Bob Weir shocked deadheads everywhere in August of 09′ when they announced their newest post-Jerry Dead project: Furthur. Unexpected to all, Phil and Bobby called on John Kadlecik, aka ‘Faux Jerry’, aka ‘The Ghost of Jerry’, DSOs long-time axe-man, to join the band. The new project laid to rest indefinitely both Phil Lesh and Friends and Ratdog, and dealt a major blow to DSO, leaving them without a front man. In the 6 months the band has been together, they’ve played a big coming out 3-show run in Oakland, a brief Northeast December tour, New Year’s run in San Fran, and a smoking Winter tour of the East Coast and Midwest. Coming up in 2010, the band will hit the stage for a Memorial Day Festival and a mini-tour of the Northeast in late June and early July.

Furthur NYE 2009 Poster

Furthur NYE 2009 Poster


The Dead - Spring 09'

Months before Furthur, the Core Four reunited for the first time in over 5 years for a one-off Spring Tour across the US. The boys were joined by Warren Haynes on lead guitar and vocals, and Jeff Chimenti of Ratdog on the keys. Check out a few tour highlights below for download!

The Dead 09 Logo

Download Tour Opener – 4/12/09 Greensboro, NC
Download Madison Square Garden, 4/25/09
Download 5/2/09 – Final show at the Spectrum
Download The Dead at Shoreline – 5/10/09


Bisco - Fall Tour 2009

The Disco Biscuits closed out a fantastic year of playing with their second Annual  5 show run at the Nokia Theater in New York City. By all accounts and from personal experience, this string of shows was top-notch and a real exclamation point on the year for the band. Check out choice downloads, videos, and news from 2009 in the Bisco Archive.

Bisco NYE Run 09 Flyer


Phish - 10/31/09 Set 1

Phish re-launched two traditions on Halloween weekend 2009 with their first festival of Phish 3.0 along with a highly anticipated Halloween musical costume set – The Rolling Stones’ ‘Exile on Main Street’. Breaking new ground, the band also performed an intimate and picturesque acoustic set at Noon on Sunday, with complimentary donuts and coffee for phans. Truly a magical weekend, and it’s now going to be seen like never before in a full length 3D film being released April 30th. Check out this crisp video/audio stream of the Sunday acoustic set here!


ABB Beacon Marquis 2009

After canceling their annual Beacon run in 2008 due to Greg Allman’s battle with Hepatitis C, the band returned in 2009 with a guest-filled 40th anniversary run at the Beacon Theater. The run included guest stops from a star-studded cast including Clapton, Lesh, Weir, Helm, Scaggs, Anastasio, and McConnell. The band kept trucking in 09′ with spring and summer festival appearances including Wanee and Mountain Jam as well as big summer and fall tours. The band just wrapped up a fantastic 9 show run at the United Palace in New York city, is sounding better than ever, and has more shows plotted for 2010 already. Check out setlist, vids, and a review of the final night at the United Palace here.

Haynes, Trucks, and Clapton - Beacon 2009


Lesh, Robinson, Weir, Greene, and Kadlecik - 3/12/10

On March 12th 2010, Phil Lesh celebrated his 70th birthday (technically 3/14/10) with a big bash at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, CA. The evening featured a fun 3 set format complete with an opening acoustic set and 2 raucous electric sets featuring special guests from throughout Phil’s solo career including John Molo, Chris Robinson, Jackie Greene, and Steve Molitz. Give it a listen here:

Download Link ~ Stream Link


Phish at 'Roo 2009 - First Tube

Breaking with long-standing tradition, Phish played their first mainstream festival with 2 separate appearances (an extended late night set and a 2 set show) at 2009’s Bonnaroo festival in Manchester, TN. The band realized a long time dream and provided the festival’s highlight with a big collaboration with Bruce Springstreen, who also headlined the festival in 09′. The boss and the boys treated fans to a fun cover/bust-out of ‘Mustang Sally’, as well as performances of Bruce’s own songs ‘Glory Days’, and ‘Bobby Jean’. To re-live this special moment, check out this smoking video of Glory Days:


SCI @ Rothbury 2009

The String Cheese Incident reunited for a special one-off show at 2009’s Rothbury music festival. The band put on a massive spectacle of a show enhanced with massive light and art installations. The show went off with flying colors, so much so that the band has decided to tour further in 2010, with gigs at Red Rocks and beyond already announced and more in the works. To get a taste of the Cheese to come, buy the Soundboard of the Rothbury show here.

SCI at Red Rocks


Markelis, Lawton, Anastasio, and Paczkowski

Markelis, Lawton, Anastasio, and Paczkowski

Having brought back the core four of his Classic Tab Band – Russ Lawton, Tony Markelis, Ray Paczkowski, and, of course, Big Red himself – in the Fall of 2008, Anastasio hit the road with a bigger-and-better Classic TAB band a few months ago in the Winter of 2010. For the tour, Trey added to the core four with a 3-piece horn section featuring TAB vets Jeffier Hartswick and Russell Reminton along with new-comer cutie Natalie Cressman. The tour was a massive success and featured some of the most enthused and passionate guitar work from Trey since Phish’s 2009 return. Check out lots of downloads, setslits, vids, and more in the TAB Winter Tour archive, enjoy!

And remember folks, WELCOME TO NOW!

Phil’s 70th Birthday Bash

Furthur closed out their big Winter 2010 Tour with Phil Lesh’s 70th birthday celebration in the boys’ home town of San Francisco this Friday, March 12th. The event, billed as “Furthur and Phriends” featured some special guests and a fun acoustic/electric show format. The first set was a laid back Acoustic set with Chris Robinson, Jackie Greene and Steve Molitz all guesting.

Greene, Molo, and John K.

The second set is where things started to heat up with Greene and Robinson fueling a rock-heavy set that included a ‘New Minglewood Blues’, ‘New Speedway Boggie’, ‘Hard To Handle, ‘Viola Lee’, and ‘Caution’.

Robinson, Weir, and Greene

As if that wasn’t enough the band returned to set 3 with a parade and balloon drop and old school Phil n’ Friends style set with big-hitters ‘St. Stephen’, ‘Other One’, ‘Elevator’ (Molitz/Particle song), and of course both ‘Unbroken Chain’ and ‘Franklin’s Tower’ sung triumphantly by Phil. Enjoy setlist, pics, vids, and downloads below!

Balloon Drop

Furthur and Friends
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
San Francisco, CA

Set 1 (Acoustic with Chris Robinson, Jackie Greene, and Steve Molitz)
Ripple (BW),
Lazy River Road (JK)
Fennario (Peggy-O) (CR)
Two Souls in Communion (CR)
Brokedown Palace (JG)
A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (BW)
They Love Each Other (CR)
Mountains of the Moon (PL)
Attics of My Life (All)

Set 2 (With Greene and Robinson)
Scarlet Begonias (JG)
Minglewood Blues (BW)
Easy Wind (CR)>
New Speedway Boogie (JG)
Viola Lee Blues (All)>
High Time (CR)>
Caution Jam>
Viola Lee Blues (All)>
Hard To Handle (CR),
Viola Lee Blues (All)>
Like A Rolling Stone (CR)>
Sugaree (CR)

Set 3 (With, Greene, Robinson, and Molitz; John Molo plays in place of Jane Lane)
Not Fade Away Jam (with Float Parade) ->
Happy Birthday Phil ->
Balloon drop ->
Not Fade Away Jam ->
Meltdown / Balloon Pop ->
Playing in the Band (BW) ->
Other One Jam ->
St. Stephen (All) ->
Other One (BW) ->
Elevator ->
Unbroken Chain (PL)
Comes a Time (CR) ->
Cream Puff War (CR) ->
Franklin’s Tower (PL)

Johnny B. Goode (BW)

Give it a listen!

Download (Torrent)Download (Live Music Archive MP3s)Stream (Live Music Archive)

Birthday Parade:

Playin’ In The Band:

Assorted Clips:

Scarlet Begonias:

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