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Phil and Friends Nokia 2007 Revisited

In November of 2007, Phil and Friends embarked on a 10-show run at the Nokia Theater in Times Square, New York City. The run, dubbed “The Other New York City Marathon”, was a real coming together moment for the final Phil lineup (Lesh, Greene, Campbell, Molo, Molitz). The band really started to click, new songs were introduced, and the jams and segues got out of control over the course of the run. The shows were so successful that they added a 10th night, Sunday, November 11th, after all the other shows had sold out. The show was a monster of course, with a massive and triumphant setlist. Check out  the setlist and a pristine audience recording from the Live Music Archive below.

Phil Lesh and Friends
Nokia Theater
New York, NY

2007 Nokia Run Flyer

Set 1
The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)
The Genetic Method/Chest Fever ->
Brown-Eyed Women
Bird Song ->

Lesh and Greene

Set II (Acoustic)
Attics Of My Life
Till The Morning Comes
Jerusalem Ridge
Deep Elem Blues

Campbell, Molo, and Lesh

Set III:
Cumberland Blues
Uncle John’s Band ->
Cryptical Envelopment ->
Dark Star ->
Morning Dew ->
I Know You Rider ->
The Other One ->
Cryptical Envelopment (v4) ->
Dark Star ->
Sugar Magnolia

Unbroken Chain
Brokedown Palace

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Phil and Friends 2007

Night of 1,000 Stars

Hey y’all. If you dig Phil and Friends – this show is a must listen. Summer tour 2001 was one of the hottest tours that ‘the Q’ (the long-lasting Phil Lesh quintet featuring Lesh, Molo, Haynes, Herring, and Baracco) ever did. The band could not be tighter – seamlessly bouncing between complex composed sections into jazzy explorations, psychedelic transitions, straight rock, and everything in between. The second set reads like a DeadHead fantasy setlist and includes a St. Stephen>Eyes>St. Stephen>Help>Eleven>Slip>Franklin’s Tower segment that is out of this world.

For all of you lucky enough to witness this magical evening, as Bobby would say: dig yourselves.

The Q w/ Bob Weir - Summer 2001

The Q w/ Bob Weir - Summer 2001

Phil Lesh and Friends ~ 7/21/01 ~ Hartford, CT

Set 1: Jam > Cosmic Charlie, Rainy Day Woman tease*> Truckin’*> Jam*> Cassidy*, Beautifully Broken> King Solomon’s Marbles> Stronger Than Dirt, Doin’ that Rag

Set 2: Caution Jam> Dear Mr. Fantasy, St. Stephen> Eyes> St. Stephen> Help> Slipknot!> The Eleven> Slipknot!> Franklin’s Tower

Encore: Built To Last

*with Bob Weir

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The Q

The Q

Phil’s New Band – ‘Furthur’

As rumoured here the other day, Phil has teamed up with Bobby, John K. from DSO, Jay Lane and Jeff Chimenti from Ratdog, and Joe Russo under the name ‘Furthur’ for a few shows in Oakland in mid-September.


More info here

Phil’s New Phriends?

The rumor mills are churning today with news that Phil Lesh is getting together a new band consisting of Bob Weir, John Kadlecik (Dark Star Orchestra’s faux-Jerry), Joe Russo, and 2 other mystery members. The band is supposedly doing a short run at the Fox Theater in Oakland, September 18-20th. Bets are on as to the other members – likely Baracco, Segal, or Molitz on keys and a 3rd guitar player? We’ll just have to wait and see on the details, hopefully coming soon.

Phil Lesh: Then

Phil Lesh: Then

There are a lot of mixed feelings out there about Phil enlisting John K. but it’s hard to argue with his jedi-like mastery of the Jerry songbook. It sure will be interesting to see how John and Bob mix in the same band – I, for one, see a steam locomotive trainwreck, rolling down the tracks. Time will tell, and until it does let’s just rejoyce that Phil is making moves and keepin’ the music alive.

And Now

And Now

10 Years Ago Today…

Ten years ago today the stars aligned above San Francisco for 3 nights as an all-star cast of musicians gathered together to celebrate the music of the Grateful Dead for the first time billed as ‘Phil Lesh and Friends’ (aside from the famous 94′ acoustic show with Jerry that I’m not counting). This run at the Warfield Theater saw Trey Anastasio and Steve Kimock on guitars, Page McConnell on Keys, John Molo on drums, and, of course, Phil Lesh on bass.

Phil & Trey - 4/16/99

Phil & Trey - 4/16/99

Enjoy the middle show from that 3 night run here: featuring 2 Phish covers – Prince Caspian and Chalkdust Torture – Dead anthems Help/Slip!/Franklin’s, Unbroken Chain, Fire on the Mountain, and St. Stephen along with the Floyd cover Wish You Were Here. This show is pure gold and a much needed gem in any collection – enjoy!

Phil & Friends
The Warfield Theater
San Francisco, CA

Set I
Help on the Way > Slipknot >
Franklin’s Tower
Wish You Were Here
Tennessee Jed
Stella Blue

Set II
Prince Caspian
St. Stephen >
The Eleven
Unbroken Chain
Chalkdust Torture
Mountains of the Moon
Scarlet Begonias (with Donna) >
Fire on the Mountain (with Donna)

Donor Rap and Band Intro
Ripple (acoustic with Donna)

Download the SBD here!

Stream the show here!

Download the other 2 shows from that weekend at the following locations:



Spend a Little Time on the Mountain

Let’s be honest – in life, not all friends are created equal. The same is true of Phil Lesh’s revolving door ‘Phil and Friends’ project. While any true head will point to the original Quintet (Lesh, Haynes, Herring, Molo, Baracco) as the ultimate lineup for this band, this head will go so far as to say the lineup featured at the Mountain Jam 07′ show is a close 2nd. This festival-closing performance saw John Scofeild and Warren Haynes on guitar, John Molo on drums, Steve Molitz on keys, and of course Mr. Lesh himself on bass.

The Band

The Band

This was Phil and Friends only summer festival appearance and it was clear they came out practiced, hungry, and with more than a few aces up their sleeve:


Playin' in the Band - Set I

Phil Lesh and Friends
Mountain Jam @ Hunter Mountain
Hunter, New York
June 3, 2007

Set I
Shakedown Street ->
Friend of the Devil
Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
New Speedway Boogie
Mason’s Children
Scarlet Begonias ->
Eyes of the World ->
Fire on the Mountain

Set II
Unbroken Chain
Dark Star ->
Mountains of the Moon ->
Dark Star ->
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Turn on Your Lovelight

Not Fade Away

Playin' in the Band - Set II

Playin' in the Band - Set II

The first set was probably the longest Phil n’ Friends set ever clocking in at OVER 2 HOURS! I’m sure I wasn’t the only one worried they were going to do a 1 set show, but more likely they were playing an extended set in appreciation of the crowd’s undying love and enthusiasm while it had rained all day and continued to rain all through the show.

Some first set highlights include the Low Spark and Mason’s bustouts, the Scarlet/Eyes/Fire segment (look out for Scofield’s solo on Eyes), and the smoking New Speedway. The 2nd set was pure Phil magic and honestly one of the best Phil n’ Friends sets i’ve ever seen. The Lucy in the Sky was a real treat and both NFA and Lovelight feature earth-shattering riffing from Sco and Warren – these are MUST HEARS.


Download the show here
Stream the show here


Take a Bow!

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