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Let’s be honest – in life, not all friends are created equal. The same is true of Phil Lesh’s revolving door ‘Phil and Friends’ project. While any true head will point to the original Quintet (Lesh, Haynes, Herring, Molo, Baracco) as the ultimate lineup for this band, this head will go so far as to say the lineup featured at the Mountain Jam 07′ show is a close 2nd. This festival-closing performance saw John Scofeild and Warren Haynes on guitar, John Molo on drums, Steve Molitz on keys, and of course Mr. Lesh himself on bass.

The Band

The Band

This was Phil and Friends only summer festival appearance and it was clear they came out practiced, hungry, and with more than a few aces up their sleeve:


Playin' in the Band - Set I

Phil Lesh and Friends
Mountain Jam @ Hunter Mountain
Hunter, New York
June 3, 2007

Set I
Shakedown Street ->
Friend of the Devil
Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
New Speedway Boogie
Mason’s Children
Scarlet Begonias ->
Eyes of the World ->
Fire on the Mountain

Set II
Unbroken Chain
Dark Star ->
Mountains of the Moon ->
Dark Star ->
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Turn on Your Lovelight

Not Fade Away

Playin' in the Band - Set II

Playin' in the Band - Set II

The first set was probably the longest Phil n’ Friends set ever clocking in at OVER 2 HOURS! I’m sure I wasn’t the only one worried they were going to do a 1 set show, but more likely they were playing an extended set in appreciation of the crowd’s undying love and enthusiasm while it had rained all day and continued to rain all through the show.

Some first set highlights include the Low Spark and Mason’s bustouts, the Scarlet/Eyes/Fire segment (look out for Scofield’s solo on Eyes), and the smoking New Speedway. The 2nd set was pure Phil magic and honestly one of the best Phil n’ Friends sets i’ve ever seen. The Lucy in the Sky was a real treat and both NFA and Lovelight feature earth-shattering riffing from Sco and Warren – these are MUST HEARS.


Download the show here
Stream the show here


Take a Bow!


  1. RFWoodstock Said:

    The picture was taken at Utopia Studios in Woodstock where they rehearsed before Mountain Jam. Utopia is also the home of WDST and Internet-only channels Radio Woodstock which features music from the original Woodstock era to current artists who reflect the Woodstock spirit and Radio Woodstock 69 which play exclusively the music of the original Woodstock era (1967-1971). Both are available on http://www.radiowoodstock.com.

  2. […] your appetite for these shows, and give you a taste of what this lineup is capable of. Check out this Phil and Friends show form Mountain Jam 2007 that featured Warren and Sco on red-hot dueling guitars. Or just sample […]

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