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40 Years Ago Today

As if 20 years ago wasn’t far enough – let’s take the time machine even furthur back in time to 40 years ago today. On this day in the great year of 1969, we find ourselves freaking out with the good ole Grateful Dead in beautiful San Fransisco. This sweet sounding SBD recording finds the band at a crucial point in their career – finding their feet exploring various styles such as Jug, Blues, Americana, and of course Psychedelic. Check out this show, get your freak on, and enjoy this beautiful afternoon with the Dead.

The Dead in 69

The Dead in 69

The Grateful Dead
The Family Dog at the Great Highway
San Francisco, CA

Setlist: Casey Jones, Easy Wind, Me And My Uncle > High Time, New Orleans > Searchin > Good Lovin’ Jam > Good Lovin’, Dire Wolf > King Bee, Turn On Your Love Light

Stream the show here