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Camp Bisco Lineup Released

This year’s Camp Bisco lineup was officially released today. Topping the bill is three big headliners: The Disco Biscuits (with their first shows since Holidaze), Bassnectar, and Skrillex. As Marc Brownstein said on Facebook, “the lineup is deep“, and there really are a ton of great mid-sized and smaller names on the bill. To name a few exciting acts making an appearance, this year’s fest will feature Sphongle, Lotus, Brothers Past, Orchard Lounge, Future Rock, and Amon Tobin.

There is, however, a significant uproar in the Biscuits community over bigger names like Skrillex and Bassnectar appearing at Camp. The complaints are two-fold: first, these large acts make the festival bigger, less intimate, and less Biscuits-centric. Second, the younger ‘bro-step’ fans that these acts bring in are generally unwelcomed by the Biscuits community. It is always hard seeing a small, unified festival blow up and embrace bigger names and other scenes, but the festival is a business, and big means more money for the promoters. Also, by adding big names like Skrillex, the festival makes it clear that it IS more than a Disco Biscuits festival, it is a premier EDM festival that can propser and go on even if the Biscuits don’t.

Camp Bisco Initial Lineup

Camp Bisco Initial Lineup

In addition to this big news, The Disco Biscuits also announced the next Holidaze festival yesterday, which will move from January to December of this year and also move locations to Tulum, Mexico. While the month and location are changing, this year’s event will again feature The Disco Biscuits, Umphrey’s McGee, and STS9. This is big news in the Disco Biscuits community as the band had fans fearing that this year’s Camp shows would be the last from the band for some time. It still reamins to be seen if 2012 will see any other tDB shows, but one has to imagine a NYE run building on the momentum of Holidaze is likely to go down. Check out the Holidaze website for all the details.