No Free Lunch?


Today, something happened that rocked the core of my economic belief system, I received FREE (yes, Free!) tickets to see The Dead (yes, Bobby, Phil, Mickey, Billy + Warren and Chimenti) at the 3,000 person capacity Roseland Ballroom. For those of you who missed yesterday’s events, the Dead sent out an email at 5:52 PM yesterday to email subscribers only announcing a series of 3 free concerts to take place in NYC on Monday. Tickets would be given out to ‘loyal’ fans who entered an online form between 6 PM and 9 PM yesterday with results to be announced today. Low and behold, I awoke this morning to the following email:

“Congratulations you have been selected to receive Two (2) tickets to The Dead Set 3 performance at Roseland Ballroom in New York City on Monday, March 30, 2009. The performance will commence @ 11pm.”

To keep the free love flowing, enjoy this SBD copy of The Dead from Bonnaroo 2004:

Set 1 Download

Set2 + Encore Download


  1. jeffbovee Said:

    hey is there anyway once you have the tickets after being confirmed that you can give them/sell them to somebody? after you pick the tickets up do you have to go straight in? questions i need answered help

    • ststeven123 Said:

      No, per the email from The Dead: “Each ORIGINAL winner AND the person accompanying them to the show must
      be present in order to gain entrance. No Exceptions.
      Each ORIGINAL winner must provide this physical confirmation email,
      and a valid state-issued PHOTO ID in order to gain entrance to the
      show. The person accompanying them must be the same individual whose
      name is provided upon entering the ticket giveaway and this person
      must also provide a valid state-issued PHOTO ID in order to enter.
      The confirmation emails are non-transferable.”
      In ohter words, there will be no secondary market.

  2. jeffbovee Said:

    well if that’s the case then why do they say pick up by five no later than 11, if you get your tickets at 5 in the afternoon, what do you do wait in the lobby, i heard after you go to the area to be confirmed you have tickets and that’s what get you into the show, you don’t have to have the e-mail confirmation the whole time. true, let me know?

  3. […] If this review left you salivating for more, don’t worry, installment two of Welcome To Now show reviews will happen for tomorrow’s nights FREE dead show at Roseland Ballroom. […]

  4. Howie Said:

    I also got a voucher for the shows for me a guest… super psyched! The only thing is that the voucher looks totally lame… was your’s just a text file, too?

  5. jeffbovee Said:

    yeah it’s just an e-mail on regular paper but you have to bring it with you, it’s hard to figure how everything will pan out but my guess is these tickets are worth alot.

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