Mule Goes All In in AC

A few weeks ago, Gov’t Mule closed out their summer tour with a Saturday night show at the House of Blues in Atlantic City. Warren and co. really brought the house down with a lot of oldies, all the needed Mule staples, and everyone playing their heart out. Mule kicked things off with ‘Blind Man’ – no suprise here but it really set the tone for the show. From there on out, the whole show smokes, but some first set highlights include a rocking ‘Gameface’ with a nice little mountain jam tease and the always fun ‘Thirty Days in the Hole’.


The second set really takes off with the Mule > Drums segment that is a true display of the power this band has. Warren just dosen’t stop on the build up jam and  pushes the band further and further. Then, workhorse ‘machine gun’ Matt Abts goes to work in a monstrous drum solo. To finish things off, Warren lays it all on the line – shredding, working feedback, pulling out all the stops – on a sick run through ‘Lola Leave Your Light On’ off of Deja Vodoo. The band sent us out into the casinos and onto the boardwalk with a big thank you and a fitting ‘Soulshine’ – all in all, a great night for the Mule.

Gov’t Mule
House of Blues – Atlantic City, NJ

Mule - 8/08/09

Mule - 8/08/09

Set 1
Blind Man In The Dark
Perfect Shelter
Towering Fool
Fool’s Moon
Life Before Insanity
Thirty Days In The Hole
Thorazine Shuffle

Warren - 8/08/09

Warren - 8/08/09

Set 2
Stay With Me
No Need To Suffer
Trying Not To Fall
Left Coast Groovies
World Of Difference
Lola Leave Your Light On

Far Away

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Matt Abts on the drums! - 8/08/09

Matt Abts on the drums! - 8/08/09

Watch most of the show in YouTube vids, some highlights:


  1. matt wasel Said:

    amazing stuff, thank you so much, really professional ….i was there, one of my fav concerts last 10 years, and i go alot….thank you again sincerely…MW

  2. […] Mule, Video, Warren Haynes } Gov’t Mule always rocks the House of Blues – be it in New Jersey, Florida, Illinois or even Dallas, Texas where the band found themselves last Thursday evening. The […]

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