Phish Nassau 03′

Let’s keep the hits right on coming with this classic Phish show from 2-28-03, Nassau Coliseum:


Set 1
Birds Of A Feather
Destiny Unbound
Bathtub Gin
Back On The Train
Bouncing Around The Room
Walls Of The Cave

Set 2
Tweezer >
Soul Shakedown Party >
David Bowie
Round Room >
Harry Hood

Mexican Cousin >

I attended this monster show, widely regarded as one of the top 10 post-hiatus/Phish 2.0 shows. With the Destiny Unbound bustout, 30 minute Tweezer, Hood, Bowie, Gin, and Birds of a Feather, it’s not a suprise this show gets so much attention. The band lays down some of their most impressive and cohesive long improvisational jams of the later years, especially on Tweezer, Birds and Bowie.

Without further ado, download the show here

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  1. superszabe Said:

    “?ne of the top 10 post-hiatus … shows”? Dude. It’s the best post-hiatus show. It’s one of the best shows the band has played. No need to qualify; no need to tiptoe. It’s just that good.

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