NYC Weekend Music Round-Up

There’s enough good music going in New York City this weekend that this calls for an extended preview:

Friday Night – 4/10/09


UM Guitar Duel

Umphrey’s McGee @ Nokia Theater Times Square – If you’ve been living in a hole for the past 5 years and still find Umphrey’s prog-Metal-Jam style fresh and interesting, then you’re in for a treat. They are likely to throw down 2 longs sets with classic cuts and fresh material off the recently released Mantis. Over/under on guitar duels between Jake and Brendan  –  seven.



Lotus @ Bowery Ballroom – If I had to choose, this is the show to be at Friday night. Lotus delivers a jazzy yet poppy, electronica-laced sound that is fun and danceable. They avoid the at times over-untz’d Bisco sound and keep things 10x times more interesting than Sleep Tribe Sector 9, finding a happy medium somewhere in between. Go, dance, stalk.

Strange Design w/ the McLovins @ Sullivan Hall – This is the cheese-factor show of the night featuring two fun bands even if their existence probably stands to be questioned. For those of you not famililar w/ the McLovins – they are a group of 12 year olds, discovered on Phish Phantasy Tour, forced to change their name to ‘McLovins’ because PT heads couldn’t get over the uncanny similarities between the guitar player and ‘McLovin’ form SuperBad. Anyway, nuff’ said, just check out the YouTube vid above and you’ll see why they are opening for Strange Design.

Strange Design is a Phish cover band that, while technically strong, seems to be made for nerds who never saw a pre-hiatus show and have sat in front of their computers listening to botched versions of YEM since coventry. With Phish back, one questions why they don’t pack it in and go on Phish tour if they love the music so much.



U-Melt late night (post-UM show) @ B.B. King Blues Club – If you don’t enjoy a good melt from time to time, this show is likely not for you. U-Melt honed their sound in the parking lot of Phish shows and has come a long way to be headlining B.B King’s on a Friday night in New York City. They promise to keep the party going until early in the morning.

Saturday – 4/11/09

Umphrey's w/ Keller Williams

UM w/ Keller Williams

Umphrey’s McGee @ Nokia Theater Times Square – Show 2 of their 2 night run at Nokia. Have yourself a Dumph weekend holiday.

Lotus NYE 08'

Lotus NYE 08'

Lotus @ Bowery Ballroom – Show 2 of their 2 night run at the Bowery.

Orchard Lounge

Orchard Lounge

Orchard Lounge with the Indobox @ Sullivan hall late night (post-UM show) – Orchard Lounge is an innovative trip-hop electronica trio of DJs out of Chicago and Indobox is an up and coming east coast Jam Warrior favorite. This show promises to be the best late night party in the city. Be there or be, well, asleep earlier than 5.

As always, brought to you via – turn on, tune in, go see live music!

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