Alpine 89

In the summer of 89′, the Dead delivered this monster show at the famous summer concert destination. Brought to you in video, streaming audio and for download:


The Dead at Alpine Valley, 89'

The Grateful Dead
Alpine Valley Music Theater
July 17, 1989

Set I
Let The Good Times Roll->
Feel Like A Stranger
Built To Last
Me & My Uncle->
Cumberland Blues
It’s All Over Now
Row Jimmy
When I Paint My Masterpiece
When Push Comes To Shove
The Music Never Stopped

Set II
China Cat Sunflower->
I Know You Rider
Playin’ In The Band->
Uncle John’s Band->
Standing On the Moon*
The Wheel->
Gimme Some Lovin’->
Goin’ Down The Road Feelin’ Bad->
Not Fade Away

We Bid You Good Night
Johnny B. Goode

The show’s opening segment of Let the Good Times Roll-> Feel Like a Stranger is phenomenal. The juxtaposition of the two songs to open the show is the perfect invocation; and the perfect example of the Dead at their best: able to turn on a dime from melting hearts to melting faces:

The Stones classic ‘It’s All Over Now’ is one of many gems delivered in the first set. Brent really adds some color and a new found energy to this oft-performed cover:

The set II opener ‘I Know You Rider’ (of course emerging out of China Cat) is just smoking. Both Bobby and Jerry go big on the ‘I wish I was a headlight’ line, great stuff:

If you’ve never heard the Dead’s version of ‘Gimme Some Lovin’, check this one out. Brent’s take on this is a lot of fun, you have to love both his singing and keyboard playing here. His energy keeps the band on their toes and definitely encourages Jerry to keep things moving:

The show closing Chuck Berry cover – Johnny B. Goode – really brings things home on a high note, especially following the typical goodnight lullaby ‘Bid You Goodnight’. The Dead really go all out in this, even after hours of playing, and show why they are the only ones that can do what they do. Brent’s solo is incendiary, or dare I say – flame:

Stream the show here

Download the show here

More Videos here



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  2. cristian Said:

    Hey now
    the link to download the concert
    is out… i want to hear it…
    never heard it but looks like a serious trip
    please upload again or send me a link please
    greetings from Argentina


  3. cristian Said:

    hey now ! Thanks you very much for the link !!
    i´m ready to hear the show now…
    greetings !!


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