A Taste of Hampton

For those of you that weren’t fortunate enough to catch any of the Phish reunion shows at Hampton Coliseum on March 6th, 7th, and 8th, enjoy these HD/SBD clips of some highlights from the historic run. I’ve sampled some of the best vids out there from each day of the run.

Fluffhead -3/6/09 Set I Opener
The Hampton Fluffhead opener will go down in phans record books as one of, if not the most historic moment in the band’s 25 year career. While I could write an essay on this, I’ll just let you decide what you think and enjoy the song’s “FLUFFHEAD!” peak and ensuing jam:

David Bowie – 3/6/09 Set I Closer
The climax of the David Bowie jam is one of the most sought after musical segments in Phish’s repertoire. This fan favorite from the band’s first studio album – 1988’s Junta – David Bowie is funky number with extremely complex composed segments. The composed section leads into a dark and building jam all leading up to the Bowie ‘peak’, exhibit A:

YEM Vocal Jam – 3/6/09 Set II Closer
Having witnessed this vocal jam personally, all I can say is ‘Wow’. Kuroda’s lights and the band are so synced, it’s downright scary:

Ghost Jam Segment – 3/7/09 Set II
Many fans point to the Ghost jam as the most experimental jamming of the weekend and taste of what’s in store for Phish 3.0. This starts out dark and slow and builds into a fantastic jam up around the 5 minute mark, enjoy:

Tweezer Reprise – 3/8/09 Encore (last song of the run)
The band decided to save the Tweezer Reprise (Tweezer was played on night 1, set 2) to close out the run at the end of the encore on the 8th. This vid is shot from the middle of the pit and really gives you a feeling of the insane energy abound in the Coliseum this weekend. If this vid doesn’t make you want to quit your job and go on summer tour, check your pulse:

Check out more videos here

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