The Dead – 4/14/09 – Washington, DC

Set 1
Pride Of Cucamonga
Easy Wind (Warren vocals)
Lazy River Road
Alabama Getaway (Warren vocals)
Big Railroad Blues

Set 2 (Mini Acoustic Set)
Peggy-O (acoustic)
Glory Road (acoustic)
A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall (acoustic)

Set 3
Dark Star>
King Solomon’s Marbles>
Drums> (w/ Tipper Gore)
Come Together>
Dark Star>
Sugar Magnolia

Uncle John’s Band>

Download/Stream 4/14 here


Bobby and Warren

Mini Acoustic Set

Mini Acoustic Set

Bobby and Phil

Bobby and Phil


  1. nolan Said:

    bob sounded like jerry when he sang ripple

  2. Steve Said:

    This was one of the worst Dead shows i have ever seen. Poor song selection…bad, too long jams sounded disjointed and flat. Show went too long with 1 long break and one short break. The crowd was begging for some tasty tunes, and the Dead were absorbed in their self indulgent jamming to the point of looking and sounding foolish. They were just not into it. Bob does this talk sing thing that is annoying…and they made Warren sing all the Pig Pen songs, which aren’t very good tunes anyway. Disappointing night.

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