This Day in GD History and Recent Dead News

For this day in GD History, we look back to 1971. If you’re a Pigpen fan, then this show is for you. These are some really hot tunes and Pigpen is in fine form. Stream the show here



Skipping ahead 38 years to today, check out some of the recent press coverage and news surronding The Dead’s reunion tour 09′: Apparently, The Dead are creating individual books about each of their shows on this tour. While this could be a nostalgic piece of memorabilia from a particular show you attended, I doubt others will be flocking to these books in the masses. Nevertheless, the books will feature some cool things. Also, there is a pretty heady iphone application that will feature hundreds of photos. To learn/read more check out or Read about it here.

Recently, The Dead had a chance to meet with President Obama at the White House. The Washington Post covered the story here

Assuming some of the cobwebs clear up, there is a very good chance The Dead may be returning to the recording studio. Mickey summarizes the situation as such,  “you have to be able to play (old) Grateful Dead music in order to make new Grateful Dead music”. Check out the article…

If you enjoy looking at countless Dead photos and reading the random stories associated with them, then this  New York Times piece of interactive media will surely float your boat. Enjoy!

This post comes courtesy of guest blogger, THE SAUCE MACHINE

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