The Disco Biscuits – 4/18/09 – Philadelphia, PA


The Disco Biscuits


The Electric Factory

Philadelphia, PA

Set I: 42, The Very Moon> Orch Theme> Svenghali

Set II: Mirrors, Shelby Rose> The City> Shelby Rose, Hot Air Balloon> The Great Abyss> Hot Air Balloon

Set III: Once The Fiddler Paid, Rivers, And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night> Gangster> And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night, The Tunnel, Triumph> 7-11

Encore: Rainbow Song

Stream/Download the show here

The Biscuits came home to Philly for the weekend and really came to play. After canceling the last four shows of their highly anticipated California run, they band decided to give back to the fans with 3 sets of music each night at the E-Fac this weekend. A re-cap of some of the highlights from night 2…


Set 1 was fun but definitely a bit restrained as the band and crowd were all aware that we were in for a long evening. 42 was a great way to open the show and always a welcome first set addition. The highlight of the set had to be the Svenghali closer which finally got things kicked into full gear.


The second set started out with the new track – ‘Mirrors’ – and Boom!, they dropped into ‘Shelby Rose’. This is where the show really took off in my opinion. The recent go to  sandwich of Shelby>The City>Shelby was undoubtedly a highlight of the whole night. The band had the audience take over on vocal duties on the ‘Oh, Oh, Oh!’ chant, saying that ‘the new album wouldn’t be complete without the fans taking part’. My guess is they may have recorded the sing along for later mixing down on the soon to be released album cut of ‘The City’.


The ‘Shelby’ sequence was immediately followed by the old-school fan favorite Hot Air Balloon made up into another tasty sandwich with an ‘Abyss’ in the middle. This segment was one of the most inspired of the evening and really got people dancing. The second set stretched long and the band just kept taking it higher and higher – really top notch playing all around, especially Barber.


The third set started off a bit slower but things picked back into high gear with the always welcome appearance of ‘Ladies’. While Ladies was great, the absolute highlight of the show for me was ‘The Tunnel’ off of Senor Boombox gettign a rare live performance. It was executed beautifully and was a great contrast to some of the new songs and go-to-songs like Shelby, City, 42, Ladies, etc. The set-closing Triumph>7-11 was straight rage and straight fire, absolute blast. After a quick and quirky Rainbow Song encore, the band took a bow and the crowd spilled back out into to the beautiful Philadelphia spring night, no doubt satisfied with the bust-out filled, 3 set, 5+ hour throw down like only the Disco Biscuits at the E Factory can deliver.

Stream/Download the show here

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