The Band – Academy of Outtakes

In 1971, The Band took to the Academy of Music for their New Years Run. Many years later, a set of ‘outtakes’ from that run emerged in pristine, master-reel sound, though it was never officially released or circulated. This gem features cuts mostly from rehearsals and soundchecks and the like – this is a true up-close-and-personal intimate view of the Band’s 1971 sound. These outtakes are a must-have for any Band fan or classic rock collector, enjoy!

The Band – Academy of Outtakes
New York, New York – December 28-31, 1971


1.    The Rumor
2.    Time to Kill
3.    Strawberry Wine
4.    Rockin’ Chair
5.    This Wheel’s On Fire
6.    Get Up Jake
7.    Smoke Signal
8.    I Shall Be Released
9.    The Weight
10.    Stage Fright
11.    Life Is A Carnival
12.    King Harvest
13.    Caledonia Mission
14.    WS Walcott Medicine Show
15.    The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
16.    Across the Great Divide

Download the Outtakes here

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