Warren Haynes Solo – 9/01/2007 – Bellvue, CO

As a sacrifice to the gods in hopes of a good showing from the boys at the garden tonight, let’s enjoy this Warren solo show and pray that he can take the band higher. Watching this tour unfold, it is hard to understand why Bobby is taking on so much of the singing duties while clearly incapable, all the time with the soulful, energetic, and reliable Haynes to his left. At the same time, Warren continues to play a back-seat role and seems unwilling to step up and assert himself, vocally or musically. It seems clear that he is doing this out of respect, both to Jerry and Bobby, but the musician in him should recognize that he needs to stand up and lead this band, NOW, before the tour ends and it’s too late.

Warren, it’s your time to let your soul shine.

Warren Haynes
Mishawaka Amphitheatre
Bellevue, CO

Warren solo acoustic

Warren solo acoustic

Indian Sunset
Patchwork Quilt
Beautifully Broken
Glory Road
Fallen Down
I’ll Be the One
Ballad of Hollis Brown
Many Rivers to Cross
It Hurts Me Too
The Real Thing
Lay of the Sunflower
Into the Mystic

Goin’ Down Slow

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Buck that Mule!

Buck that Mule!

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