22 Years Ago Today…

This bootleg is what it’s all about: great sound, great playing, great musicians, great venue – perfect. Clapton is really on point, both in his guitar playing and singing during this performance. While his ‘no snow, no show’ days were definitely over by 87′, he certainly gets his crazy fingers moving and keeps things very upbeat. Unlike so many of his peers, Clapton has survived the ups and down and has aged well – seemingly improving with age while maintaining a fresh sound. To see for yourself, enjoy this tasty 87′ bootleg and then check out his summer tour with Steve Winwood.


Eric Clapton
Madison Square Garden
April 27, 1987

1. Crossroads
2. White Room
3. I Shot the Sheriff
4. Hung Up On Your Love
5. Wonderful Tonight
6. Miss You
7. Same Old Blues
8. Tearing Us Apart
9. Holy Mother
10. Badge
11. Let it Rain
12. Cocaine
13. Layla
14. Further On Up the Road
15. Sunshine of Your Love

Special Guests: Robert Cray (Guitar, Vocals) on “Further on up the road”

Download part 1 (SBD)
Download part 2 (SBD)
Download part 3 (SBD)

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