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Ratdog Tour Closer at the Beacon, 10/24/09

Ratdog blew the roof off the Beacon Theater last night – a real smoking show from cover to cover. Highlights include a first set Cassidy>Jack Straw>Rooster>DS Jam sequence that really took off and shined. The 1st set closing Liberty>Bertha had the place jumping – smiles all around.

Dark Star Jam - 10/24/09

Dark Star Jam - 10/24/09

The second set begins with a nicely chosen trio of tunes with Bobby on acoustic – Mexicali, FOTD, and fan-favorite Black Throated Wind that really hit a nice groove. The heart of the show has to be magnificent Other One>Stuff>Morning Dew>Dark Star Jam>Cassidy (Repirse), so glad the boys saved so much good stuff for night 3 at the Beacon. A raucous One More Saturday Night, and one-two punch Ripple, US Blues encore drove things home on a high note. All in all, quite an evening, way to go Bobby!

For setlists from the rest of the NE mini-tour, go here. For downloads of almost every night, go here. Enjoy!

Ratdog w/ the Persuassions - 10/24/09

Ratdog w/ the Persuasions: Ripple - 10/24/09

Ratdog, 10/24/09, The Beacon Theater, New York, NY
Set I: Jam > Casey Jones > Jack Straw > Cassidy > Little Red Rooster > Dark Star Jam > Lazy River Road, She Says > Liberty > Bertha
Set II: Mexicali Blues@ > Friend of the Devil@, Black-Throated Wind@, It Must Have Been the Roses*+, He’s Gone* > Jam > The Other One > Stuff > Morning Dew > Dark Star > Cassidy > One More Saturday Night
E: Ripple*+, U.S. Blues

@-Bobby on Acoustic; *-with The Persuasions (Vocals); +-a capella, The Persuasions only; Hippie Bill waved a Yankees flag on stage during “U.S. Blues”

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Sweet vid of the Persuasions doin’ Roses: