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Phish: Sunday Night in Syracuse

More Phish goodness in Syracuse on Sunday night 11/22, as the band’s fall tour continues on its east coast trek. First set highlights include a David Bowie opener (for the 10th time ever), a fun Boogie On, and a smoking, exploratory Stash set closer. The second set kicked off with a big Drowned>Twist>Piper>BBFCFM sequence with lots of fun and energetic jamming and some Fishman drum breaks. Late show highlights were a fan-requested Tube, an always-welcome Theme, and a ragin’ Maze.  Next stop for the band is Tuesday and Wednesday night for their first gigs ever at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia.

11/22/09 - Set 2

11/22/09 - Set 2, Drowned

Phish ~ 11/22/09 ~ War Memorial at Oncenter ~ Syracuse, NY

Set 1
David Bowie
Kill Devil Falls
Lawn Boy
Heavy Things
Funky Bitch
Boogie on Reggae Woman
Let Me Lie
Beauty of A Broken Heart

Set 2
Drowned >
Twist >
Piper >
Big Black Furry Creatures From Mars
Theme From The Bottom
The Horse >
Silent in the Morning
Character Zero
First Tube

Good Times, Bad Times

***dl coming soon***

11/22/09 - Set 1, Bowie