Bonnaroo Lineup Leak?

Update 2-02-2010 9:00AM: Thanks to all the readers who submitted comments regarding the authenticity or lack thereof of this poster. To clarify, this does not appear to be an offical festival flyer, BUT it does contain the latest and greatest in artist rumors. Stay tuned for the official announcment today, Feb. 2nd.

Update 2-02-2010 12:30PM: Bonnaroo has updated their official website stating that the artist announcment will come next Tuesday, Feb. 9th.

Update 2-02-2010 7:00PM: The Flaming Lips are confirmed for Bonnaroo 2010 – band to perform Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’.


  1. barnesy Said:

    inforoo poster, in an actual poster im pretty sure the dates wouldn’t cover the band name..

  2. kholt89 Said:

    This is fake. It was made on inforoo.

  3. Fake… a speculated Inforoo lineup, just like the last one…

  4. Tony Said:

    Too many big, BIG names. I dont buy it.

  5. Wolfman Jess Said:

    It is fake we made it on inforoo, nice try suckas!!!!!

  6. Andy Said:

    bullcrap… just updated their website, it doesn’t look a damn thing like that.

    nice lineup though…

  7. Tony Said:

    On a couple of Roger Waters websites it is rumored that he will be touring The Wall in 2010/11. Probably similarly to what he did in ’06 with Darkside.

    My other problem with this poster, why would Furthur be hidden on the 3rd line?

  8. Tony Said:

    Not Roger Waters doing The Wall…
    But The Flaming Lips doing Darkside of the Moon.

  9. Coleman Said:

    Zach Brown and DMB have been confirmed as well as Pavement. Also, not confirmed by Roo but in articles Paul Simon. Ahh yes, and MMJ have an open spot in there tour during the Roo dates.

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