Phish Storms The Northeast

Sorry for the delayed posting folks, WTN Blog was sharin’ in the groove this past weekend at the shows and, unlike some other harder-working bloggers, vacation means vacation here in Welcome To Now land! That being said, so much to say/hear/see from this weekend, let’s get right to it NOW… Get your heady Setlists, Pics, Vids, DLs, and more… all here for your enjoyment on Welcome To Now.

Hartford Official Poster

6/17/2010 ~ Comcast Theatre ~ Hartford, CT

Set 1: Punch You In the Eye, Ocelot, Dinner and a Movie, Stash, Esther, Walk Away, The Divided Sky, When the Circus Comes, Sugar Shack, Alaska, Golgi Apparatus

Set 2: Party Time, Down with Disease -> Sand -> The Horse -> Silent in the Morning, Guyute, Farmhouse, Mike’s Song -> I Am Hydrogen -> Weekapaug Groove

Encore: Shine a Light

Set 1 DL
Set 2 DL
Torrent DL

6/18/2010 ~ Comcast Theatre ~ Hartford, CT

Set 1: Fee, Rift, Wolfman’s Brother, Summer of ’89*, Foam, Possum, The Moma Dance, Julius, Reba, Cavern

Set 2: Halley’s Comet -> Light -> Billy Breathes, Tweezer -> Theme From the Bottom, Harry Hood, Wading in the Velvet Sea, Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan

Encore: Sleeping Monkey, Tweezer Reprise, Tweezer Reprise**

* – Debut (New Trey Song)
** – Played a second time for Hershey Park 6/13

Set 1 DL
Set 2 DL
Torrent DL

SPAC Poster

6/19/2010 ~ SPAC ~ Saratoga Springs, NY

Set 1: Tweezer Reprise, Chalk Dust Torture, Funky Bitch, Runaway Jim, Ya Mar, Sample in a Jar, Axilla -> Fluffhead, Bathtub Gin, Suzy Greenberg

Set 2: Rock and Roll -> Free, Backwards Down the Number Line, Halfway to the Moon* -> Prince Caspian, Joy, David Bowie, Show of Life

E: The Squirming Coil, Character Zero, Tweezer Reprise

* – Debut (New Page Song)

Set 1 DL (coming soon)
Set 2 DL (coming soon)
Torrent DL (coming soon)

6/20/2010 ~ SPAC ~ Saratoga Springs, NY

Set 1: Brother*, AC/DC Bag, Back on the Train, Undermind, Cities, Gotta Jibboo**, Roggae, Sleep Again, Lawn Boy, Run Like an Antelope

Set 2: Carini -> The Mango Song, Wilson, Drowned -> Swept Away -> Steep -> Makisupa Policeman, Piper# -> 2001 -> You Enjoy Myself

E: Frankenstein

* – w/ Band members’ children in a tub on stage for Father’s Day!
** – w/ Tony Markellis (TAB Band) on bass and Mike on guitar
# – w/ Multiple Makisupa Teases

Set 1 DL
Set 2 DL
Torrent DL

Tons more Videos from all the shows HERE!

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