Phish MSG Run – WTN Picks

Welcome To Now would like to dive into some of our favorite moments from the Phish MSG run that just wrapped up in a series we’ll call ‘WTN Picks’. Here’s our first ‘pick’, a funky Tweezer from 12/28 (Night 1) that features some great jamming, teases (Streets of Cairo), plinko-funk, and inspired leads from Trey. One of many amazing type II jams from the boys on night 1 of the run. Give it a whirl!


  1. ststeven123 Said:

    Honorable mention for this WTN Pick goes to Night 1’s Cities. The first true type II jam of the run and one of the best imho:

  2. Lightchild Said:

    I vote for Cities! thx for the linx

    • ststeven123 Said:

      Thanks Lightchild!!!

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