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Phil Lesh and Friends – Night 2 at Broomfield

Phil and his newly resurrected ensemble of friends stormed the 1st Bank Center last night with an onslaught of inspired music, keeping up the energy and love of what is turning out to be a seriously triumphant, and dare i say ‘Epic’, weekend run. The lot was abuzz with an old school vibe and energy not felt in years before the show last night, and some pre-show snowflakes and crisp air set the stage beautifully for a magical night of music. Everyone brought their A-Game, and it is clear this band has quickly found a groove and a way to highlight each member – a significant challenge given the many big musical voices on stage.

The show itself was a true testament to the dripping psychedelic musical exploration that only comes from Phil’s ‘make something happen, play in the moment’ Phil and Friends ensembles. The setlist read like a dream, with two quintessential Beatles songs in each set that served as the musical exclamation points on the night.  Each member shined at different moments throughout the show. Scofield was other-worldly on a smoking and unexpected first set Eyes of the World, while Jackie Greene surprised everyone in the room with an out of left field top notch performance of his original Like a Ball and Chain.

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Warren led the band through an absolute smoker of She Said, She Said, while Russo and Chimenti were the glue that held the express train together at every twist and turn. And of course, Mr. Lesh, was inspired and full of love and smiles throughout, especially during the later part of the second during the patchwork quilt of Dark Star, Unbroken Chain, and Morning Dew. What was even more impressive than each member’s individual contributions, was the tightness of cohesiveness of the band had with each other. There was countless moments of locked-in cosmic interplay and between the band, especially between Warren, Sco, and Chimenti.

One can only imagine what the boys have in store for tonight. NOW is the time of returning for Phil and Friends, and what a special time it is to be, to be, to be…

Phil Lesh and Friends, 1st Bank Center, Broomfield, CO 2/17/12

Set 1:  Jam -> Althea, Estimated Prophet -> Eyes Of The World -> Mississippi Half-Step -> Loose Lucy, Like A Ball And Chain, She Said, She Said, Casey Jones

Set 2: Passenger, New Speedway Boogie, Low Spark of High Heeled Boys -> Gypsy Woman -> Caution > Unbroken Chain > Dark Star (v1) > I Am The Walrus > Dark Star (v2) > Morning Dew

Encore: We Bid You Goodnight

Set 1 DL

Set 2 DL

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