The Dead Tour Wrap-Up


Check out some great coverage from for the 09′ tour here. They’ve got fan-submitted pics and videos from every show, setlists, venue historical info, and mini reviews.

Jambase also delivered beautiful  pics from every show of the tour courtesy of photographer Jay Blakesberg.

5/9/09 - L.A Forum

5/9/09 - L.A Forum

This tour definitely had its ups and downs, but it also had that undeniable, unmatched, and undying energy, vibe, and love that is the Grateful Dead community. Aside from the confirmed appearance at Rothbury later this summer, this could be the end of the road for the band after 45 (!) years of touring. It will be interesting to see what develops over the next few years in the Dead world – I’m expecting a few more years of Ratdog touring strong and for Phil to wrap up his touring career in the next 1-2 years. I’ve heard rumors that Phil may be doing his Nokia run this fall, but also heard he had nothing planned for the rest of the year. One thing’s for sure, he won’t go out without a friend-filled, star-studded final run of shows that should be a blast. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for more good things to come, be patient, and remember – all good things in all good time.


  1. Debatina Said:

    I camped on Shakedown Street two nights. Great time! Didn’t get much sleep. I can sleep when I’m Dead, right? Waited and missed the Dobbies and the Allman Bros. on purpose (seen them b-4). That’s cool. Saved my energy for The Dead, as I knew it was a walk in and a walk out from camping. Heard a bunch of kids complaining (going out of the concert) that ‘they weren’t what they used to be’. I beg to differ!!! Excellent show. Sure, it was a bit kicked back, but they’ve been on the road for quite a while. Give the boys (men) a break! They’re freakin’ old! You punk kids should be thanking your lucky stars you got to see and hear the remainders of The Grateful Dead (for possibly the last time?)–I hope not. Loved Into The Mystic and Phil singing Tom Thumb Blues (he does that so well). And Dark Star–OMG! I remember days in Eugene when a huge sign would come up from the upper balcony saying “Let Phil Sing.”.

    So to all of you people that said that show was too slow of music and not enuf energy………………That was a Dead Show. And it was as good as it could have been. I personally enjoyed the hell out of it!!!

  2. carly Said:

    I followed the tour online,and liked it. Then came Shoreline…My 15 yr.old and I loved it. The band was absolutely magic,steamin,unreal!!! Loved it, and Ive been chasing them around since Oct.78. long live the dead.

  3. carly Said:

    By the way, we had seats in sec. 202, again,the band was incredible. lets hope for at least a fall tour.

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