Trey with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra – 5/21/09

Last night, Trey joined forces with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra for the East Coast debut of Time Turns Elastic – his most recent orchestral composition. Big Red also offered up some phish classics such as First Tube, Pebbles and Marbles, and an If I Could encore. He let the Orchestra have their way with Divided Sky and Guyute – two pieces that lend themselves quite nicely to the orchestral setting. Overall, reviews coming in thus far are quite positive and the Phish community’s excitement level for the upcoming tour just went from 10 to 11.

Trey w/ BSO - 5/21/09

Trey w/ BSO - 5/21/09

Set One
The Divided Sky (electric guitar,strings)
Brian and Robert (vocal, electric guitar, strings)
The Inlaw Josie Wales (acoustic guitar, oboe, strings)
Water In The Sky* (vocal, acoustic guitar, winds/strings)
Pebbles and Marbles (electric guitar, orchestra)
First Tube** (electric guitar, orchestra)

Set Two
Time Turns Elastic (vocal, electric guitar, orchestra)
Let Me Lie (vocal, electric guitar, strings)
Guyute (electric guitar, orchestra)

If I Could (vocal, electric guitar, harp, strings)

*In Memory of Kristy Manning, dedicated to her surviving son Jason.
**First time played

Set 1 Download

Set 2 Download

First Tube

Baltimore Sun reveiwed the show here


  1. TUWD Said:

    thanks for posting this! let me lie is underrated. wonder if it will make the jump to PH tour.

  2. John Said:

    set 1 download link is not working.

    • ststeven123 Said:

      Both links working fine for me – tested on 6/28/09. Try refreshing the mediafire page a few times.

  3. Lloyd Said:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I took my daughter, she loves hearing it again, we really appreciate it!

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