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Post 100!

Not long ago, Welcome To Now was just a twinkle in my eye – 3 months, 100 Posts, and 41,286 views later, we’re still Truckin’ along. Check the archive for tons of goodies that we’ve seen along the way including full coverage from The Dead’s Spring 2009 Tour and the 1st Leg of Phish’s Summer 2009 Tour.


In celebration of this historic day, enjoy a complete set of quality AUD downloads from EVERY show of Phish’s big reunion tour (thanks DUANE_BASE).

Stay tuned; and Welcome To Now.

Phish @ Alpine 6/21 Tour Closer

The end of the road – last night, Phish took a bow on the first leg of their summer tour and their first tour in 5 years. This tour exceeded many a phan’s expectations including my own and left us all salivating for more. Let’s hope that Phish 3.0 can stay happy and healthy and keep things rollin’ down the road for more magic in 2009 into 2010 and beyond.

Phish ~ 6/21/09 ~ Alpine Valley Music Theater ~ East Troy, WI



Set I
Wolfman’s Brother
Funky Bitch >
The Divided Sky
Back On the Train
Poor Heart
The Horse >
Slient In The Morning
The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday >
Avenu Malkenu >
The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday
TIme Turns Elastic

Set II
Crosseyed and Paiinless >
Down With Disease >
Bug >
Piper >
Wading In The Velvet Sea
Boogie On Reggae Woman
Slave To The Traffic Light


Set 1 Download
Set 2 Download

As the tour comes to a close, take a look back in the Welcome To Now archive with downlaods, pics, and more from every show of the tour. Go PHISH 3.0! For more reminiscing, check out a TON of great vids from this leg of the tour that made it on to YouTube. Finally, as always, check out Jambase’s coverage of the tour with beaufiful photo collages and setlists from the entire tour.