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Once a Week Freak

Keller Williams is joining in the wave of innovation surrounding CD releases with his new ‘Once A Week Freak’ offering. Keller will be unveiling a few new songs each week over the course of the coming months. He claims that he is sitting on mountains of unreleased material and that the exact songs released will be based on fan feedback. Quite a novel concept, check out the Freak’s latest work here.

Keller-WilliamsThe one man band will then be heading out on an extensive solo summer tour – traversing the country from East to West with a few co-bills with Dark Star Orchestra and festival stops at Rothbury, Gratefulfest, and the Gathering of the Vibes. To get excited for the upcoming tour – check out this tasty Keller show from Irving Plaza in NYC in 2003:

Keller Williams
Irving Plaza
New York, NY

Inhale To The Chief>
Jack A Roe>
Hypnotize> Inhale
Best Feeling> Best Feeling Jam>
Boob Job
Stupid Questions
Garage A Tois Loup
Blatent Ripoff
Breathe>Toy Loup> Breathe>
It’s A Plant
For What It’s Worth
Cracker Ass Cracker
People Watchin’
Gate Crashers Suck
Low Rider
Weird Funky Loup>
Lou Funky Flugal Solo>
You Are What You Eat>
Moving Sidewalk
Celebrate Your Youth

Bob Rules>
Run Like an Antelope>
Runaway Jim>
Run Like an Antelope>
Bob Rules

Stream the show here
Download link