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Gov’t Mule in Finland

Gov’t Mule
Puisto Blues Festival Jarvenpaa
Jarvenpaa, Finland

Mule - 6/27/09

Mule - 6/27/09

(one set show)
Bad Little Doggie
Brand New Angel
Blind Man In The Dark
Streamline Woman
Mother Earth
Banks Of The Deep End
Come On Into My Kitchen Tease Intro->
32/20 Blues I’m A Loser Tease
Beautifully Broken
Thorazine Shuffle
Since I’ve Been Loving You
I’m A Ram

Long Distance Call
Look On Yonder Wall

Encore 2:

Download Link – Torrent (flac files)

Check out this great, crispy sounding AUD recording of Mule’s recent appearance at the Puisto Blues Festival in Finland. This show rocks, lots of Mule anthems (Thorazine Shuffle, Mule, Banks of the Deep End, Blind Man In The Dark) along with a nice helping of Blues classics (32/30 Blues, Look On Yonder Wall, Come On Into My Kitchen, and Zepelin’s Since I’ve Been Loving You). Warren’s on point but, then again, when is the man not? He’s may be a jamband whore, but he’s a true work horse – the hardest working man in the scene. Gotta love Warren, gotta love the Mule. Speaking of Mule, don’t miss their new album, ‘By a Thread’, and upcoming cross country 2009 tour!

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Warren Feelin' It In Finland

Warren Feelin' It In Finland

Some vids from the show:

Since I’ve Been Loving You:
Banks of the Deep End:
Come On In My Kitchen (Intro) -> 32/30 Blues: