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Phish Fest in Indio,CA Confirmed

As was reported yesterday over on Welcome To Now Twitter, a Hampton Inn right outside of Indio, CA mistakingly let the cat out of the bag when they prematurely began offering a ‘Phish Concert Package’ deal for Halloween weekend. While this may come as a suprise to all the custies who were putting their faith in the map, it is certainly no surprise to us here at Welcome To Now who have been reporting that the fest will be in Indio for almost a month now. While I’ve also been told by my sources that a new promo video will drop today on announcing the festival, what remains to be seen is when fall tour dates will be announced.

Hilton Inn Indio Screenshot - 7/21/09

Hampton Inn Indio Screenshot - 7/21/09

The originally rumored fall tour dates have been called into question by recent news that Pearl Jam’s October 28th and 30th shows at the Spectrum will be the last shows before the venue is torn down. My sources tell me that the original dates hold true but that the Philly show may be moved over to the Wachovia Complex. Additionally, a 4 day NYE run in Miami seems all but certain with multiple sources confirming.