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Getting Phishy

Things are getting Phishy around here…

More news on the upcoming Phish fall/winter tour, this time coming right from the mouth of Mike ‘Cactus’ Gordon himself. Gordo states that Phish is “definitely doing some playing, in the soon future i think”… Whatever the hell that means – he’s reportedly “very excited” about it. All signs point to the originally rumored fall tour dates being announced in the coming weeks, likely the same week as the official Joy album release on September 8th.

Mike's Wook

In the soon future I think?

Some more good Phish reading here – an interview with the band’s sound crew on all the latest gadgets they use these days to power the band and capture them in their element for the LivePhish series. Check out their work over at the LivePhish site where they’re slinging SBDs of every show within a few hours of the last notes.

Phish Sound Crew

Phish Sound Crew

Finally, speaking of Soundboards – some rare 98 and 99 SBDs recent surfaced mysteriously, check em’ out over at Hidden Track for some good listenting. There’s tons of goodies to go around – a long ‘Colonel Forbin’s Ascent'(w/ narration, a Neil Young Sit-In, some serious 98 funk (see ‘Ghost’ and ‘Cities’), and the rarely performed ‘Bittersweet Motel’.