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Spread It Round

In the interest of free love and music, check out these two phan-made compilations that you’re sure to love. First, we have ‘Phish Destorys America’,  a compilation chronicling the highest of high points from the band’s 1997 fall tour – widely regarded as one of the band’s best. Fall 1997 found the band moving out of their mid-nineties creative peek into their most exploratory late nineties ‘cow funk’ period, all the while building towards their massive career-crescendo millennium show. The disc is aptly name, the band is just killing it and overflowing with funky-throw-down-dance-party energy in these takes, check it out.


Second, we have a fantastic compilation of the Grateful Dead’s ‘Best 31 Jam Segments’ of all time. This wealth of  fun is put together by a group of deadheads who call themselves the GratefulDeadProjects, check out all their other great work here. There’s too much good stuff to even get into in these compilations. This is just classic, top-notch, pure Dead, as good as it gets.


Download – Phish Destroys America Discs 1 and 2
Download – Phish Destroys America Discs 3 and 4
Download – Phish Destroys America Discs 5 and 6

Dowloads/Setlists – Grateful Dead’s Best 31 Jam Segments