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Give Bobby Some Lovin’

I’ve certainly done my share of Bobby hating in my day, but let’s not forget that this man was an integral part of one of America’s most important bands of the 20th century – as a songwriter, guitar player, vocalist, and all around stand-up performer. Regardless of where the man’s at today, you gotta love Bobby. That said, let’s just keep the Bobby love flowing with this Valentines Day show from his mid-nineties side project ‘The Valentines’. This is truly a special show – only one of two ever live performances from this all star band featuring Bob Weir, Henry Kaiser, Vince Welnick, Prairie Prince and Bobby Vega.

Bobby the Romantic

Bobby the Romantic

Bob Weir and The Valentines
The Filmore
San Francisco, CA

Love’s Made A Fool Of You
Greatest Story Ever Told
Queen Jane Approximately
It’s A Man’s World
Ain’t That Peculiar
Cream Puff War
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Playing In The Band
Playing With Fire > Spoonful > Playing With Fire
Take Me To The River
It’s All Too Much

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Ratdog in Vegas

You gotta hand it to Bob Weir – the man just won’t quit. Weir and Ratdog just finished a massive summer tour and have more  2009 dates lined up with a week of fall shows in Philly and New York City. Then, in January 2010, the Dog’ is off for their annual winter getaway in Jamaica. While all seems to be as expected in the Bobby camp, lots of rumors have emerged in recent months that this year’s Jamaica excursion could be the official winding down of Ratdog and the band’s last shows. Only time will tell, but I’ll say this – catch em’ while you can. And go Bobby!

In the mean time, check out this show from one the of final shows of the summer tour in Sin City, Las Vegas. Bobby may be goin’ to hell in a bucket, but at least he’s still enjoying the ride…

Bobby - 9/2/09

Bobby - 9/2/09

The House of Blues
Las Vegas, NV

Weir w/ Jackie Greene - 9/2/09

Weir w/ Jackie Greene - 9/2/09

Set I: Viola Lee Blues > Maggie’s Farm, Baby Blue, It’s All Over Now > She Says > Liberty > Viola Lee Blues

Set II: Stealin@, Mexicali Blues@, Friend of the Devil@, Two Djinn > Stuff > Stella Blue* > Viola Lee Blues* > Throwing Stones*

E: Gloria*

@-Acoustic; *-with Jackie Greene (Guitar/Harmonica/Vocals); Bob, Jeff, and MK sat in with Jackie Greene on “Deal”; Jackie Greene opened

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Summertime Done Come and Gone, My Oh My

As we approach the offical last weekend of summer – let’s look back once again at some of the great shows the past few months have offered us. And I mean, let’s LOOK back, seriously people. Check out these two smoking hot off the presses Phish DVDs – one from each leg of their monster Summer 2009 tour.



The first dvd comes from the Leg 1 standout show in Camden, while the second comes from Darien Lake – the first show of the summer ending 4 night run. While Camden is hailed by many fan’s as the top show from the first leg, this Darien show is also a real gem that gets overlooked by many as it happens to be overshadowed by the bustout-crazy Hartford show that followed it. In any case, both of these shows are top notch Phish 3.0 and these vids are surprisingly well done.

Download Camden 6/7/09 – Torrent File

Download Darien Lake 8/13/09 – Torrent File



Getting Phishy

Things are getting Phishy around here…

More news on the upcoming Phish fall/winter tour, this time coming right from the mouth of Mike ‘Cactus’ Gordon himself. Gordo states that Phish is “definitely doing some playing, in the soon future i think”… Whatever the hell that means – he’s reportedly “very excited” about it. All signs point to the originally rumored fall tour dates being announced in the coming weeks, likely the same week as the official Joy album release on September 8th.

Mike's Wook

In the soon future I think?

Some more good Phish reading here – an interview with the band’s sound crew on all the latest gadgets they use these days to power the band and capture them in their element for the LivePhish series. Check out their work over at the LivePhish site where they’re slinging SBDs of every show within a few hours of the last notes.

Phish Sound Crew

Phish Sound Crew

Finally, speaking of Soundboards – some rare 98 and 99 SBDs recent surfaced mysteriously, check em’ out over at Hidden Track for some good listenting. There’s tons of goodies to go around – a long ‘Colonel Forbin’s Ascent'(w/ narration, a Neil Young Sit-In, some serious 98 funk (see ‘Ghost’ and ‘Cities’), and the rarely performed ‘Bittersweet Motel’.

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