Weekend Nuggets

Enjoy a few heady weekend nuggets, courtesy of yours truly, Welcome to Now blog:

1. Furthur SBD


Furthur has begun circulating the sought-after Soundboard recordings from their recent debut run at the Fox in Oakland. Yesterday, they released the SBD for the first night – 9/18/09. It sounds phenomenal and is a real treat, check it out here:

Stream on Archive.org
Download Torrent – etree.org
Download (Matrix) – etree.org

2. Confirmation of Phish Fall Tour!


While many like to say that no tour is confirmed til’ it’s on the dot-com, I’m gonna go ahead and say we have official CONFIRMATION of Phish’s upcoming fall tour! An Albany bar is advertising a post-Phish show after party with The Heayy Pets on Nov. 27th and Raisinhead on the 28th. This coupled with tons of independent sources independently confirming many of the dates below is confirmation enough for me, it’s on! Local hotels in Albany are almost sold out so grab a room fast while they last. The rumored dates are as follows:

Fall Tour 2009
11/20/09 – US Bank Arena – Cincinnati, Ohio
11/21/09 – US Bank Arena – Cincinnati, Ohio
11/24/09 – Wachovia Center – Philadelphia, PA
11/25/09 – Wachovia Center – Philadelphia, PA
11/27/09 – Times Union Center – Albany, NY
11/28/09 – Times Union Center – Albany, NY
12/2/09 – Madison Square Garden – New York, NY
12/3/09 – Madison Square Garden – New York, NY
12/4/09 – Madison Square Garden – New York, NY
12/5/09 – John Paul Jones Arena – Charlottesville, VA

New Years Run 2009
12/28/09 – American Airlines Arena – Miami, FL
12/29/09 – American Airlines Arena – Miami, FL
12/30/09 – American Airlines Arena – Miami, FL
12/31/09 – American Airlines Arena – Miami, FL

Additional possible dates include a Nov. 18th stop in the Motor City, and a Conan appearance and possible gig at the Hollywood Bowl before Festival 8 takes place. Look for an announcement on the 16th of October…

3. Mule tour close-out at the Warfield w/ Special Guests


Gov’t Mule pulled out all the stops for the final show of their late summer/early fall tour that took place last weekend at The Warfield Theater in San Francisco. Warren and the boys brought out Jackie Greene, Grace Potter, and Jose Neto and rocked out on all the Mule classics and run throughs of the following set of choice covers: One of These Days (Floyd), Wish You Were Here (Floyd), Loser (GD), Morning Dew (GD), Empty Pages (Traffic), Wild Horses (Stones), Southern Man (Neil Young), and a smoking Mule > Who do you Love (Bo Diddley) > Whole Lotta Love (Zep) sandwich. Wow is just about all you can say to that. Give it a listen and check out some great pics from Jambase below:

Download Link (Torrent)
Download Link (MP3s)
Jambase Coverage/Pictures


  1. ben Said:

    When is that Gov’t Mule setlist from? Was it all the same show? It does not seem to match the set from 9/25/09 at the Warfield. Sounds great though! Any help?

  2. Welcome2NowBlog Said:

    It is 9/26/09 – the last show of the tour.

    • ben Said:

      Thank you. I was checking the wrong sites. Not on Mulebase yet.

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