Trick or Treat?

Check out the following subtle photoshop work found over on the Halloween album lineup:


Note the guitar… that ain’t no Fender folks!

Picture 1

Hello Nasty is right….

Picture 2

Throwin’ it back to Colorado 88′


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    • sal good Said:

      Pretzel Logic has the guy wearing fishman’s viking hat circa 1998.

  2. squigs Said:

    Also the T. Rex

  3. Jennifer Kirk Said:

    The Ramones has Mike photochopped in it. Tom Petty Damn the Torpedos has a Phish T-shirt on

    • Jack Dudeman Said:

      ??? I don’t see it.

  4. Jeremiah Said:

    I see that they’ve also replaced the Blind Faith cover to use the more controversial topless girl cover.

  5. Jack Dudeman Said:

    The Steely Dan cover features a viking helmet.

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  7. Dustin Said:

    Anyone notice the Trex album reads TREY instead of TREX

  8. Corey Said:

    Trey’s Hombres?

  9. Jack Dudeman Said:


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