Furthur Stealth Show in Fairfax, CA

Days after announcing a big 2010 tour, Furthur played a stealth, last minute show on Friday night, Nov. 20th in Fairfax, CA. The band is currently rehearsing for their upcoming December Tour and NYE shows. John K. was of course with them and in top form as always, while Jeff Matson filled in the last few shows with Dark Star Orchestra on their Fall tour. Faux Jerry will re-join his DSO brothers Tuesday night in Syracuse and stick with them through their T-Giving weekend shows in NYC, a couple shows at the Higher Ground in VT, and on through their tour closer on Dec. 5th in Bufallo, NY. In the mean time, things in Furthur camp are looking up – Bobby seems to be really back in a groove these days, John K. is finding his own space with the band, and Chimenti’s playing is starting to shine through, check out the nice extended Lady With A Fan (Terrapin) Jam YouTube vid below:

19 Broadway
Fairfax, CA

Playing In The Band
Let It Grow
Welcome to the Dance
Hey Jude
Terrapin Station
Help On The Way>
Franklin’s Tower

Good Lovin’

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