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Phil’s 70th Birthday Bash

Furthur closed out their big Winter 2010 Tour with Phil Lesh’s 70th birthday celebration in the boys’ home town of San Francisco this Friday, March 12th. The event, billed as “Furthur and Phriends” featured some special guests and a fun acoustic/electric show format. The first set was a laid back Acoustic set with Chris Robinson, Jackie Greene and Steve Molitz all guesting.

Greene, Molo, and John K.

The second set is where things started to heat up with Greene and Robinson fueling a rock-heavy set that included a ‘New Minglewood Blues’, ‘New Speedway Boggie’, ‘Hard To Handle, ‘Viola Lee’, and ‘Caution’.

Robinson, Weir, and Greene

As if that wasn’t enough the band returned to set 3 with a parade and balloon drop and old school Phil n’ Friends style set with big-hitters ‘St. Stephen’, ‘Other One’, ‘Elevator’ (Molitz/Particle song), and of course both ‘Unbroken Chain’ and ‘Franklin’s Tower’ sung triumphantly by Phil. Enjoy setlist, pics, vids, and downloads below!

Balloon Drop

Furthur and Friends
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
San Francisco, CA

Set 1 (Acoustic with Chris Robinson, Jackie Greene, and Steve Molitz)
Ripple (BW),
Lazy River Road (JK)
Fennario (Peggy-O) (CR)
Two Souls in Communion (CR)
Brokedown Palace (JG)
A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (BW)
They Love Each Other (CR)
Mountains of the Moon (PL)
Attics of My Life (All)

Set 2 (With Greene and Robinson)
Scarlet Begonias (JG)
Minglewood Blues (BW)
Easy Wind (CR)>
New Speedway Boogie (JG)
Viola Lee Blues (All)>
High Time (CR)>
Caution Jam>
Viola Lee Blues (All)>
Hard To Handle (CR),
Viola Lee Blues (All)>
Like A Rolling Stone (CR)>
Sugaree (CR)

Set 3 (With, Greene, Robinson, and Molitz; John Molo plays in place of Jane Lane)
Not Fade Away Jam (with Float Parade) ->
Happy Birthday Phil ->
Balloon drop ->
Not Fade Away Jam ->
Meltdown / Balloon Pop ->
Playing in the Band (BW) ->
Other One Jam ->
St. Stephen (All) ->
Other One (BW) ->
Elevator ->
Unbroken Chain (PL)
Comes a Time (CR) ->
Cream Puff War (CR) ->
Franklin’s Tower (PL)

Johnny B. Goode (BW)

Give it a listen!

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Birthday Parade:

Playin’ In The Band:

Assorted Clips:

Scarlet Begonias: