Phish Festival in Limestone 8/27-8/29?

While completely unconfirmed and unsubstantiated, the following rumor popped up today right here on Welcome To Now. I received this comment from a reader in response to previous rumors posted here about Phish’s 2010 Summer Tour plans:

“Just confirmed permits have been submitted for Loring Airforce Base Limestone ME. Late Aug. 27/28/29. The town is already asking for volunteers from the towns folk for a large 3 day concert. Hummmmm.. I wonder who that could be!”

Any other heads out there here similar rumblings out of Limestone?

IT Festival - Loring Air Force Base, Limestone ME - 2003

While this is certainly late in the season for a summer festival announcement, recent news that Phish will NOT return to Indio in 2010 does make this scenario more likely.


  1. Fred Said:

    I am a vendor looking to get into the fest at loring so i called the LDA and they said no permit has been pulled for a phish show

  2. Bill b Said:

    can not comprehend that it was 2003 when we where all their one of the best times of my life hope to see u all at the next one

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