Phish Festival in Limestone 8/27-8/29?

While completely unconfirmed and unsubstantiated, the following rumor popped up today right here on Welcome To Now. I received this comment from a reader in response to previous rumors posted here about Phish’s 2010 Summer Tour plans:

“Just confirmed permits have been submitted for Loring Airforce Base Limestone ME. Late Aug. 27/28/29. The town is already asking for volunteers from the towns folk for a large 3 day concert. Hummmmm.. I wonder who that could be!”

Any other heads out there here similar rumblings out of Limestone?

IT Festival - Loring Air Force Base, Limestone ME - 2003

While this is certainly late in the season for a summer festival announcement, recent news that Phish will NOT return to Indio in 2010 does make this scenario more likely.


  1. Dr. Max Yestronaut Said:

    A return to Limestone is in order. It’s been 7 years since they played there and it is a special place for Phish phans . The journey getting there is truly epic. I think this will come to fruition.

    • heady1995 Said:

      Confirmed they have been secretly working on a return to Limestone for months now Although I heard it was Aug. 20th – 22nd, but that could be wrong. I’m not 100% sure on the dates. I just know teh FEST is in Limestone!

      Source: Carl.G. GCH

  2. phishypan Said:


  3. Dirty Purdy Said:

    Limestone Maine, IT is on

  4. livin in northern maine Said:

    I recently talked to Maine State Rep Mike Willette(Presque Isle) and he indicated that Phish was not playing Loring in 2010. He said he got this ifo from the guy who helps set up the phish show at Loring. I have no reason to believe Mike would lie to me (we’ve been friends for 30 yrs) I live just a few minutes from Limestone and have heard rumors of some kind of music fest in Limestone but have no idea if its true or a rumor, or even who is suppose to play. The guy at Loring supposedly talked to phish and the band said they didn’t believe the phans wanted to make the trip to Loring again. I know the travel time as well as one way in and out sucks here in the sticks but atleast it wasnt as bad as Coventry.

    • Something Smells Phishy Said:

      Dude he’s a politician- why would he know anything about a Phish Festival?- thats like asking a vegetarian where to buy a good steak

  5. Tagliaboo Radley Said:

    Obviously the dude that sets up the Phish concerts knows better than to spill the beans to the Maine State Rep. I’m not in the “Phish Camp” but I know people who are, and I tend to believe them since they seem to come up with crazy thoughts that actually come to fruition. I’m really hoping it happens…basically, I dare Limestone to host any other band or festival for that matter. Phish has the ONLY Phanbase that would actually travel hours into the deep woods of Maine to the brink of Canada to see a festival. You put Boner-oo in Limestone, nobody goes.

    • Fistyphisy Said:

      This is totally confirmed… I was backstage at the Saratoga NY show the other night. I am 100% sure that the road after Jones Beach leads to Limestone ME. Phish has rented out Loring Air Force base for the weekend of Aug. 27th, 28th and 29th. This was confirmed by a member of the band and two stage hands (at different times of the night). This is what was stated, “We looked at a place in New Hampshire, the international speedway, it would have been perfect, but they have an event planned already and we were too late. We had to go with the ol’ stand by and book Limestone”. – Undisclosed Band Member.

      This is so low key that only a few people back stage knew about where the festival was. However, I talked to others that knew about the festival, but didn’t know where yet. For example, I talked to the bands set/show photographer and he was told that he was booked for a festival in late Aug., but was not told where. He was told to keep the dates open for a Phish weekend festival. I also talked to a guy on the sound board that knew about a festival in late Aug. but stated, “I can’t tell you anymore than that, stay tuned”.

      I don’t know about you, but I’m making my plans for Limestone ME now! And I don’t believe some state Rep. for a town of 100 people (are you kidding me). Do you really think they are going to call the state Rep.?

      See all my phishy priends in LimeSTONED ME.

      • Mainer Said:

        Mike doesn’t even represent Limestone; Bernard Ayotte does. Not sure why Mike would know anything about it.

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  7. Dan Said:

    It appears to be the real thing. Phish is going to play Limestone and it is going to rock!

  8. Phinally Said:

    After listening all the rumors and even hearing Tray tease it during the YEM 6/27 in MD “boy man I saw IT again”, all seams to lead to back to Maine. The road trip is on, Phuck yeaaaa!!! See u all in ME

    • AlwaysBowieneverMaze Said:

      hmmmmm….You sure the “boy I saw IT again” wasn’t just rolling with the “I Saw It Again” theme of the show….You know the song they went in and out of throughout the 2nd set….?

      Just a thought. But here’s hoping you’re right….

    • joe Said:

      “Tray” …..u must be a pretty hardcore phan

  9. MainersForPhish Said:

    No ones heard anything else yet i guess they hvee been planning it for a while but its gonna be like a secret show they were supposed to announce it in mid July so any day now huh

  10. Jake Said:

    Yeah, I don’t think they would wait until august to announce this thing…not happening

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