More Stirrings of Phish Fest in Limestone 8/27-8/29

A new comment was received today here on Welcome To Now Blog regarding the rumor that Phish is looking to do an end-of-summer festival after Jones Beach. Here is the comment verbatim:

IT Festival 'Tower Jam' - Loring AFB

“Fistyphisy Said on June 22, 2010 at 12:20 pm:

This is totally confirmed… I was backstage at the Saratoga NY show the other night. I am 100% sure that the road after Jones Beach leads to Limestone ME. Phish has rented out Loring Air Force base for the weekend of Aug. 27th, 28th and 29th. This was confirmed by a member of the band and two stage hands (at different times of the night). This is what was stated, “We looked at a place in New Hampshire, the international speedway, it would have been perfect, but they have an event planned already and we were too late. We had to go with the ol’ stand by and book Limestone”. – Undisclosed Band Member.

This is so low key that only a few people back stage knew about where the festival was. However, I talked to others that knew about the festival, but didn’t know where yet. For example, I talked to the bands set/show photographer and he was told that he was booked for a festival in late Aug., but was not told where. He was told to keep the dates open for a Phish weekend festival. I also talked to a guy on the sound board that knew about a festival in late Aug. but stated, “I can’t tell you anymore than that, stay tuned”.

Aerial View - Lemonwheel Festival at Loring AFB

As this past weekend progressed from Hartford->Spac, there was a newly revived comotion about a late summer festival and word getting out from close to the band. Nothing’s confirmed yet folks, but let’s all hope for a return to Limestone this summer! Stay tuned to the NOW as things continue to unfold for Phish Summer 2010!


  1. JP Said:

    I know people who live outside Loring AFB and according to them, after the last festival, Phish left all their stuff up there in trailers making it much easier to set up a new festival.
    maine is an awesome place for a festival and the drive in was not as crazy as I have seen at other venues. Sure, it can take hours to get 70,000 people in and camping but hey, its Phish, its worth it.

    • Dan Said:

      This makes no sense at all. They played Coventry after the last limestone fest, which used leftover materials from IT (plywood in the campgrounds had the IT logos all over them). They “broke up” after Coventry and dismantled their business operations. I highly doubt they would hold onto some trailers with supplies, ship them to vermont, then when they truly believed they were done for good, sent them back to limestone in trailers “just in case.”

  2. […] Festival, Music, Phish Today, Welcome to Now posted this article suggesting a possible Phish festival August 27-29 at the Loring Air Force Base in Limestone, ME. […]

  3. Dickbuttkiss4phish Said:

    Thank you PBR KING… At 1st I thought you’re info was not true, but I called one of my buddies who is on the lighting crew for the summer and he confirmed your info. They are currently working on making sure they have the pieces of lighting needed for the larger stage at the Limestone shows.

    I thought you were BSing, but it turns out your research paid off and you were right.

  4. dr binner Said:

    just surprised that it is 2 weekends after jones beach. that doesn’t have much logic to it as all the phish heads will be up in jones beach for the final shows…makes more sense to do it the following weekend while everyone is still around. i’ll be surprised if this happens.

  5. bob Said:

    this is not happening. moronic to keep pushing this rumor. it takes MONTHS to pull of a fest, let alone the marketing.
    people have lives and they would have needed to plan for this well in advance. since only 2 shows sold out this summer, do you really think 60K, let alone 30K would make it to limestone for this?

    the answer is no.

    next summer

    get over it

  6. Jake Said:

    I agree with the last post but dude get your facts straight…i think 10 shows in all sold out this summer…no festival…limestone is a great time though even without a phish festival…

  7. Robert Barr Said:

    Well’ it’s August and nothing has been announced yet. I doubt this is happening. Seems to me the Phans would be in the planning phase. Nothing is happening. We’ll just have to wait and see. Might be an off year.

  8. kg Said:

    Did I miss this festival? Good call buddy.

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