More Stirrings of Phish Fest in Limestone 8/27-8/29

A new comment was received today here on Welcome To Now Blog regarding the rumor that Phish is looking to do an end-of-summer festival after Jones Beach. Here is the comment verbatim:

IT Festival 'Tower Jam' - Loring AFB

“Fistyphisy Said on June 22, 2010 at 12:20 pm:

This is totally confirmed… I was backstage at the Saratoga NY show the other night. I am 100% sure that the road after Jones Beach leads to Limestone ME. Phish has rented out Loring Air Force base for the weekend of Aug. 27th, 28th and 29th. This was confirmed by a member of the band and two stage hands (at different times of the night). This is what was stated, “We looked at a place in New Hampshire, the international speedway, it would have been perfect, but they have an event planned already and we were too late. We had to go with the ol’ stand by and book Limestone”. – Undisclosed Band Member.

This is so low key that only a few people back stage knew about where the festival was. However, I talked to others that knew about the festival, but didn’t know where yet. For example, I talked to the bands set/show photographer and he was told that he was booked for a festival in late Aug., but was not told where. He was told to keep the dates open for a Phish weekend festival. I also talked to a guy on the sound board that knew about a festival in late Aug. but stated, “I can’t tell you anymore than that, stay tuned”.

Aerial View - Lemonwheel Festival at Loring AFB

As this past weekend progressed from Hartford->Spac, there was a newly revived comotion about a late summer festival and word getting out from close to the band. Nothing’s confirmed yet folks, but let’s all hope for a return to Limestone this summer! Stay tuned to the NOW as things continue to unfold for Phish Summer 2010!


  1. djmagic Said:

    this is complete bullshit.

  2. nancy kerrigan Said:

    friggin nannervile

  3. Cleeetus Gazebo Said:

    So why did the Loring Development Corporation — the folks who are in charge of renting Limestone — say just a few weeks ago, unequivocally, that there is no Phish festival there this year?

  4. Nannigans Said:

    This is garbage. You think after an undersold festival last year they’d wait until the last minute to announce one this year? And great source too. Anonymous knows all.

  5. ststeven123 Said:

    I simply re-posted the dude’s comment, chill w/ all the shenanigans comments Phanners.

    Anything is possible.

  6. lvnphish Said:

    I, for one, hope this is true! Not putting all my nugs in one basket, of course, but it would be awesome and, I agree, anything is possible! Perhaps Loring Development was told to keep their mouths shut. I mean, according to your source, not even all the people that work with the band even knew where it was….if what he says IS true, there has to be a reason they are keeping a tight lid on it. I can see there being an announcement in July, during the break between summer tour legs. Here’s hoping the shenanigan-sayers eat some crow…mmmmmm, crow!

  7. Turd Furgeson Said:

    Radio City would be > Limestone

  8. PBR KING Said:

    I know anything is possible, but I wanted to check for myself so I called the Loring Development Council (commissioned to take care of the Ex-AF base).

    I got passed from person to person, clerk to director, management company to vendor management company back to management company etc. I must have spent 4 hours on the phone and talked to 20+ people).

    Basically, I started out by asking if there was going to be a Phish music festival in Limestone. Very early in my research someone asked me “if I was asking to be a vendor”, so I rolled with it and said I wanted to become a food vendor.

    Come to find out there really is going to be a Phish festival, but the deal is not inked yet so it has to be hush, hush. However, the management company is in the process of accepting applications to become a vendor as well as gathering volunteers (Yes, I filled out an application to become a vendor). It seemed to me that this management company (based in NYC) has nothing to do with the town of Limestone, the state of Maine, the State Rep. (who, I’m not sure why; he would know anything anyway) or the Loring Development Dept. You see, it appears that the people in Maine/town of Limestone/LDC have to get this deal done and on paper before it is announced in mid July. They are NOT involved in the planning stages etc., but are involved in leasing the land, working out the money details/contract for the weekend and policing the roads coming into the festival.

    The festival appears that it will be announced in Mid-July. After spending many hours on the phone and talking to many different business stiffs, I now believe that the festival is happening in August. The people in the Limestone Devl. Council simply can’t confirm the festival or legally mention the festival because there is NO contract in place yet. The only way I was able to find out is because I just happen to say I wanted to set up a food booth and I was lucky enough to be passed through to the Management company who is overseeing this part of the project.

    You people can himmm and hawww all you want, but do some research before posting! Calling the local State Rep. does nothing for me, saying it is BS does nothing.

    I will be camping at the festival in Aug. (or maybe I will be a food vendor), I will be one of the many traveling to Limestone, jamming out to 3 days of Phish!

    BTW, The management company called me back regarding my application and asked “what kind of food I was planning to sell for the Phish weekend festival” they also went on to ask “how much space I would need” etc. I basically told them I would only need a small space for my magic nugs!

    See everyone in Limestone,

    • dr binner Said:

      thank you PBR King for the info. i like your style. nice, clandestine approach! the last festies in Limestone were amazing…..thanks again for the info.

  9. I mean I am all for this. The only thing that I don’t believe is the time frame. It can’t be the end of August. There is not enough time to build an entire festival from the bottom up.

    1. What is the management company that you talked to so I can call them up and request a vendor pass as well. If you can do it so can I right? Please reply to this with the number that you talked to them on so I can call.

    2. Do you have any pics of the application you filled out to become a vendor?

    3. This statement: “I basically told them I would only need a small space for my magic nugs!” makes this whole thing almost guaranteed to be false.

    PBR_KING if its real give me the info and ill find out for myself.

  10. dr binner Said:

    one of the reasons that the Indio festy only had 40K people instead of 60K is due primarily to the location. we all know that phish isn’t as popular on the west coast as they are in their backyard. so it makes perfect sense for a northeast festival that doesn’t require a plane flight for most.

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