Phish @ Jones Beach Night 2 – 6/04/09

Phish is back at it tonight for their second of three nights at Jones Beach and their first of a 4 night weekend run. Yet another greatest hits setlist tonight – one has to wonder if they can keep this up. From what I’ve seen on the live stream, they are really picking up steam night after night and starting to explore some deeper jams. Trey’s playing is crisp, focused and determined; Fish is straight up murdering it on the drums; Page is laying it on thick; and Gordo’s being Gordo. What more could you ask for?

Pre-Show 6/04/09

Pre-Show 6/04/09

Set I
Divided Sky
The Squirming Coil ->
Punch You In The Eye
Run Like An Antelope

Set II
Water In The Sky
Birds Of A Feather ->
Time Turns Elastic

Rock and Roll

* – Acapella
** – With Japanese Lyrics

Download Link – Set 1

Download Link – Set 2

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