Phish – 6/09/09 – Asheville, NC

Tonight, Phish is back at in down in Asheville at the intimate 7,500 person capacity Asheville Civic Center. Notable first time bust outs for the tour include Gumbo, Halley’s, and Bold as Love (Hendrix) and the show also saw the debut of two more new additions to the Phish canon – Alaska (originally performed by TAB Band) and When the Cactus Is In Bloom (Bill Monroe cover). Overall an eclectic setlist but one that seemingly lacks flow on paper, not to mention the band has a tough feat to live up to the straight fire show they layed down in Camden. Either way, let’s hope the band keeps building steam as they continue on down the road to big Bonnaroo appearance in Tennessee.



Set I
Kill Devil Falls
The Moma Dance
Sample In A Jar
Dog Faced Boy
The Divided Sky
When The Cactus Is In Bloom
Bold As Love



Set II
Backwards Down the Number Line >
Ghost >
Fast Enough For You
Halley’s Comet >
Theme From the Bottom
Golgi Apparatus >

Loving Cup

Download Link Set 1

Download Link Set 2




  1. david Said:

    hey bro, thought i’d let you know… the links for set one and two of the ashville show are the same… they both link to the first set. any chance of getting the link to the second set? thanks!

    • ststeven123 Said:

      Thanks for pointing this out, this has been fixed. Enjoy!

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